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June 19, 2017

Mentors Have Mentors

If you want to achieve success in business and in life, having a mentor will get you there faster.  I have hired mentors since I was 23 years of age and believe the hundreds of thousands I have invested in mentoring is exactly why I am successful in business and why I have a very juicy life.

Many of my mentors have been males and not as many females, however, my female mentors have made a profound difference in my life because I can relate to them and because of our similarities. My first female mentor was a woman named Eileen Seed who taught me about sales and managing and helped me start and run a very profitable art consulting business.  I am forever grateful to her.

My second mentor was the great Mary Kay Ash who I still often quote today with this saying that I totally resonate with, “A man is not a plan.”  I actually was so inspired when I heard that quote that I went on a campaign for 8 years teaching women how to profit on their own selling art.

So who are today’s top business mentors who are female?  I believe the best mentor for you is someone you can relate to and that you will want to have 3 different types of mentors.  Here is a description of what to look for when hiring a female business mentor that is right for you for each category.  I recommend you find a mentor in each area on this list.

  1. Business mentor: Find a mentor who can guide your business because they have been there and done that and are now more advanced in their business and are running faster and making a lot more than you are. They will teach you their lessons that they spent time and money making and you can learn from their lessons so you can earn more faster.  They will be objective and will have a deep understanding of entrepreneurship and will not spoon feed you what you want to here but instead get you into action. My clients tell me I am a loving mentor with a steel toe in her boot who is not afraid to use it.  I believe this is why my clients get real results.
  2. Life coach:  This person needs to be someone who has had a similar journey and who understands your journey.  If you are dealing with relationship issues, they have lived that.  If you are dealing with health issues they have experienced those. A life coach keeps your mindset in check and helps you be resilient.
  3. A financial advisor: Find a female who has done well with investments and understands insurance and business ownership.  Be certain they are doing well financially so they can guide you in all areas of financial decision making.

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Don’t Fly Solo

The importance of having some female mentors in your life can not be overlooked. Don’t fly solo.  You need a support team and must invest in yourself. One of the biggest mistakes I have seen female business owners make is thinking they can do everything alone and then they find they are stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and failing in some area of business and life.

Instead, hire mentors that are a good fit for you and get this team in place now to support your goals. Don’t wait until you think you need them or can afford them.  You deserve mentoring and you will find the right female mentors will make a huge impact on your business and your life.  Don’t overlook the value of having some females mentoring you right now.

Join A Tribe

One final recommendation to add to this article is to consider finding a group where a lot of like-minded female business owners are hanging out.  There are many types of groups to join.  You want to have some women in the group who are mentors and friends to connect with and to celebrate with. I happen to be Managing Director for Polka Dot Powerhouse because it is a connection company of the world’s most positive, action-forward, amazing business women. We connect to network together. We connect to do business together. We connect to encourage and push each other to the next level in all aspects of life. We connect to build lifelong friendships and business relationships.

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