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BlogBusinessTop 10 Important SEO Ranking Factors You Need To Know

August 12, 2020

Most websites don’t give the best SEO ranking factors but this article will solve this problem. This article is a complete guide for the SEO ranking of the post. This article is written after experiments and experience and you can try these methods to rank in google.

So here are the 10 best SEO ranking factors. You need to know.


HTTPS Certificate

HTTPS is a certificate that validates the security of the website for its users. The HTTPS helps to maintain security and privacy for the website. The data of the visitors is encrypted for the servers in such a way that they cannot recognize it. The programs like chrome show “not secure”. In the event that you don’t have an HTTPS. The Google Search Console also sends an email for the non-secure website. The website also ranks higher that has a security certificate. Google rankings can easily validate it. If you check the second, third, or any next page you will find mostly unsecured websites.

Mobile-friendly Website

The website that is mobile-friendly only appears in searches done in mobile devices. The search results of computers and mobile vary. The mobile-friendly websites rank in both. The mobile-friendly website is important because as per statistics more than 50% of searches are done by mobile devices, and if the website is not mobile-friendly. Your search results will suffer, as 50% of the searches are done by mobile. Hence, you will get only 50% of the total traffic. The drawback is that the competitor’s website that is mobile-friendly will take your position. The mobile-friendly websites are respected more in google then non-mobile-friendly websites.

Website Loading Speed

Page speed is the leading factor for the website to rank in search engines. The website that takes more loading time tends to damage user experience and doesn’t rank higher compare to those who have less loading time. It not only affects websites that open on the computer but also on mobile. Google can even penalize the website if loads very slowly. The reason for the slow website is a large image size or more ads on the website page. This can be determined by using online tools. The website gives a detailed analysis of the website loading speed and where it should work to improve.

Google Search Console Integration With Website

Google Search Console is a free tool of Google that helps to get the best website analysis. The website integrated with Google Search Console tends to rank in Google rankings. The search console is like a database for google and if your website is in that database. Irrespective, if it is new – it can rank in google. The website pages can be easily crawled by it and the website can rank easily. This is very important for every website to summit its pages here and it can also tell per day traffic on the website.

Placing Keyword in the URL

Google also crawls URL and if your URL does not contain the primary keyword. It will be difficult for the website to rank on google. The primary keyword must be placed in the URL. If you are using WordPress you can easily do it in URL Slug. The URL will be like this ( This can truly assist your site with ranking higher in google. You can also check the backlinks for the URL in a specific website by online tools. The website will determine whether your backlink is created on the given website.

Domain Age and Domain Authority

Ahref did a study on domain rankings and from that deep study. They made the conclusion that websites that are 2-3 years older tend to rank higher in google. Google loves websites that are old and have great content. The websites that were 1-2 years were ranking at the bottom of the search results.

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The Domain authority is also very important for the website. The websites that have good backlinks tend to have good domain authority than other websites. Google doesn’t like spam and people who try to spam search engines get penalized. You can check the Domain Authority and Domain Age from


Backlinks are the most significant factor for positioning in the web index. The backlinks are the best source of ranking in google. They increase the domain authority of the website and helps google to see the website as a trustworthy website. The backlinks from a good website are important for the website. The backlinks can be made by the backlink builders.  If you want to use an affiliate program and are wondering is Clickbank the best affiliate program then check out alternatives.

Detailed Articles

The post that is detailed and contains a lot of information rank higher in google. The depth articles are very good for the users and google rank them in the search engine. Google always said, “Content is the King.” So placing right in-depth content can really help you ranking in all search engines. The word counter can help you determine the word of the post to know about its length.

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Content Marketing

Social Shares

Social shares are the best way to drive traffic from social media. The websites that share their posts on social media can rank higher in google. The social shares give strong signals to Google that people like this post and they rank that post. This can be seen in the articles of the same website that rank higher due to more social shares. News websites try to get more social shares because in this way they rank higher than other websites.

Using Keywords in the Title and Description

Keyword usage is very important for the website to rank. The websites that use keywords properly rank very well than websites that are who don’t use much or spam the post by using too many of them. The keyword use ought to be between 0.5% it is the appropriate percentage that should be. More than this can really harm the ranking of the post and can spam the results

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