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BlogThe Truth About Marketing Consulting Services

16th February 20170

Everything You Need To Know About Marketing Your Consulting Business

Are you a business coach?  Business consultant?  Business advisor? Are you a provider of internet marketing consulting services?  If you are in a business related to consultancy and marketing services or business services then you will want to read every word of this article numerous times.  I will reveal the real truth and the secrets behind how to market consulting services because almost everything you have been taught about marketing consultant services is wrong.  Everything you’ve ever learned about generating leads and growing your business is wrong. Everything you’ve ever heard, everything you’ve ever tried, and everything you’ve ever done — it’s all wrong.

The Right Way

Consider this your guide to marketing consultancy services.  What I want to do in this article is teach you a system for marketing your business to a point where it becomes instantly obvious to your prospects that they would be an idiot to do business with anyone other than you at anytime, anywhere or at any price.  I don’t care if you consult with online or off- line businesses, this information will help you with your marketing of consultancy services.

Let’s look at how I would marketing my consulting services to a chiropractor as an example.

Let’s say I speak with a chiropractor and who just spent more than $10,000 on radio advertising. The chiropractor spent an entire weekend with an audio crew in her office interviewing her staff, explaining her facility and getting the entire production just right for prime time over the airwaves. And after all that work, effort and expense she ran the ads for several weeks and her your phone only rang 15 times and those ads resulted in producing just one single patient at $1,900.  How do you think she would feel after investing $10,000 and winding up with a net loss of $8,100 she will never get back not to mention all the time, effort and energy she wasted?

Let me ask you this.

What if I showed this client how to take just $1300 of that marketing budget and  just by changing what her radio ad says instead of getting just 15 calls resulting in only one sale she could generate 137 calls and close 37 of those calls into brand new paying patients each worth an average of $2500 and she pocketed a cool $92,500 for her trouble? That’s what’s called getting more results and making more money for the same time, the same money and the same effort spent.

You must show clients your ability to do this systematically for them with your marketing.

I speak to prospects about my marketing consultation services and do nothing but show them how to make these changes to their current marketing and advertising with my online marketing consulting services as well as my off -line help. If you and I are marketing to the same people imagine that you are marketing your consulting services by telling how great you are and what you do for your clients and on the other hand, I am actually showing them the changes I will make to their marketing and advertising just like I did for this chiropractor.  Which marketing consulting services companies would you rather hire?  My small business marketing consulting services and my internet marketing consulting service will be the choice because I show you exactly how I find my fee.

Show Prospects Results

I show you my prospects how to leverage what they’re already doing and how they too can get those exact same results for their business just by changing the way they do all of their marketing and advertising.  And I’m not talking about radical changes. Just simple, common sense changes that enable you to exponentially leverage your marketing’s results. That $10,000 marketing budget the chiropractor was spending remained the same whether they were getting 15 calls or 137 calls. I share EXACTLY how my prospects can accomplish these same results with their marketing and in the process, dominate their entire industry.

This is what I call demonstration marketing.

I don’t tell and try to convince prospects how great I am.

I show them what I will do, how I will do it and then I actually guarantee results.

I Challenge YOU!

I am a marketing strategist and I work with small and medium-sized businesses that have little to no money to spend on marketing.

I show you how to generate all the leads you can possibly handle by evaluating your existing marketing and showing you how to dramatically reduce or eliminate the money you’re currently spending while significantly increasing both your response and conversion rates.

I can typically double or triple your current response rate but a 50 to 100 times increase isn’t out of the question.

And best of all, the strategies I’ll teach you will continue to work for you month after month for as long as you’re in business.

But listen, talk is cheap and I know that you’ve heard these types of claims before, so put me to the test and let me prove that everything I’ve just said is 100% true.

If you will invest just 45 minutes with me, I promise that I will find you at least $10,000 in additional revenue that you can begin to put in your pocket this month and every month forward.

We can do this 45-minute session over the phone as an added convenience to you and I promise during the time we’re together that I won’t try to sell you a thing.

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