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BlogThe Ultimate Guide To Services Marketing Strategies

21st August 20170

Own A Service Business?  Learn How To Market It Right!

If you are a business owner in a service business of any type you must know how to properly market your business. You need to market your services in the right way and can not follow what is prescribed for businesses that sell products.  As a mentor to service-oriented businesses, I have created a services marketing program which focuses on how to properly bring your services into the public eye and then sell them.

Service marketing is very different than product marketing. To market a service you need to educate customers about the features and benefits of how your services help the customer and why they actually do need what you are offering.  Instead of talking about a widget you are sharing useful advice that will pull in your qualified prospects and have them decide to invest in the services you provide.

There are many services of marketing you will need to consider. If you don’t know what are services in marketing the term services in marketing refers to business to consumer as well as business-to-business services and then marketing those services in fields like consulting, coaching, healthcare, wellness, finance, telecommunications, hospitality, entertainment, tourism, etc. You can market your service business using various kinds of marketing such as email marketing services, social media marketing services, internet marketing service and even Amazon marketing services.

Business has shifted over the past years to a service economy where products are no longer considered separate from services. This is why I believe everyone is in a service business even if they sell products. Services are what you offer for sale that is connected to a result and the goods you offer.

Services are not tangible.  You can’t hold them and touch them which is why you must attach tangible attributes when you are offering a service.  While products can be massed produced the core uniqueness of your business is due to how services are provided. Service will never be the same with different providers of a service.

If you own a business then you really need to be services oriented and this is what I mentor clients on… the process of marketing services as a Heart-repreneur®.

Connect with about 1,000 other service-oriented business owners and get help for free as a member of this community.

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