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BlogThe Upside Down Marketing Funnel – For Real!

March 27, 2017

Turn Your Marketing Funnel Upside Down

upsidedown 233x300 - The Upside Down Marketing Funnel - For Real!

Traditional marketing works through a marketing funnel. The principle of the marketing funnel is to drive in a lot of leads. Think of them sitting at the top of a funnel. As you move them through the funnel using traditional sales and marketing most of them will drop out of your funnel. Those who land on the bottom are the customers you have converted from your sales and marketing process.

This formula basically means you market to a lot of people, now knowing if they are likely prospects or not, and you keeping marketing at them until they either drop off or do business with you.

As a Heartrepreneur® , this has never appealed to me although it is what I have been taught.  I believe that you want to spend some of your time and money and energy engaged with hot prospects who are likely to buy and you want to create a lot of value for those prospects and you must spend the bulk of your time loving on the customers you have.  I think of my customers as my extended family.

We all know it cost way more to attract a customer than to retain a customer, yet, I still see most business owners running after prospects instead of putting the bulk of their focus on the clients they already have.

When clients don’t believe they are more than a number they are likely to leave and you spent time and money acquiring them, so why wouldn’t you use your heart and common sense and love on the clients you have?

customerlove 300x225 - The Upside Down Marketing Funnel - For Real!How Heartrepreneurs Love Their Customers


  1. We have an exclusive Facebook Group for our customers and we communicate with them regularly.  We add audios, videos, documents, value added posts and do Facebook Live trainings and extra bonus webinars for our customers and answer all their questions quickly in this group.
  2. Our customers have VIP status at all our live events and get a VIP pin to wear, special seating and included lunch at our events and we also give away many free tickets to our customers.
  3. We acknowledge their birthdays and special occasions and often send cards out of the blue – just because.
  4. We use our customers for case studies and then we showcase them.
  5. We highlight our customers and share them with social media groups.


What ideas do you have today to create an upside down funnel filled with more love for your current customers? Post them here and feel free to share them here.




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