I listened to all of the stellar questions I was getting and today I am going to provide the answers here, right now.  So let’s rock…


What most business owners lack are hot prospects coming to them and finding them and they don’t know how to quickly, easily and effortlessly attract their ideal target audience either.

I know how to find your ideal target audience really fast and I used this system I created to find my ideal hot prospects who were already hanging out with influencers in my niche.

I could not believe how easy it was for me to attract my exact target audience and get them to follow me.  In fact, I had over 250 following me really fast.

This was the first part of my Facebook Live strategy and I am actually going to teach this entire step-by-step process free and you can register here: SIGN UP PAGE LINK.

The key to making this Facebook Live system work so well is building engagement and creating relationships.


 Most people who have done Facebook Live find they have little engagement from their audience and their target prospects don’t watch while they are live streaming or the saved live streams after the fact.
A key part of my Facebook Live system was to build engagement so that in a few days after I began using Facebook Live, my ideal target audience would be watching, commenting, and reacting to my Facebook Live training I was doing.
I had to create Facebook Live in a way that would build up engagement and views as well as the comments and reactions. This became a vital part of my formula.


Before I jump on a Facebook Live, I take the audience I have built up from the influencers fans who were following them and now who are following me and I create excitement about the Facebook Live I am about to do.

I let people know in advance the topics and what time I will be live streaming and I invite them to watch and encourage them to actively participate.

I also know what topics they will have a great deal of interest in viewing and that will create more engagement and my Facebook Live’s address the needs of my target audience.

And if they missed the live stream I have them watch the saved videos.


Every day during the work week, I did a Facebook Live and invited my target audience to watch and to participate.

I also created a Facebook Group for more engagement.

Both of these pieces are critical to having a lot of viewers and engagement.

And, again, if they missed the live stream I invited them to watch the saved video training from that day.


I used my Facebook posts and my group engagement to drive people to my Facebook Live every day and the real secret sauce was my discovery of how to create relationships with my new followers.

I created those relationships through Facebook’s best tool:  Facebook Messenger

Let’s dive a little deeper into the way I use Facebook Messenger…


Facebook messenger is my favorite tool to drive my exact target audience to my daily Facebook Live trainings. It is my PERSONAL favorite way to get folks to attend and also to engage before and after a Facebook Live.

Even if you don’t have an engaged audience today, using Facebook Messenger you will!

When I use Facebook Messenger I can encourage people to interact and also connect with them and build a relationship with them. This is true before and after my Facebook Live events.

I created templates of messages to send to them to create more engagement and kept tweaking the messages until I found the ones that really landed and resonated with my target audience.  I gave my clients the same templates to tweak using their own personalities and these templates worked great for them, as well.

In fact, the first time I sent out my Facebook messages to individuals I had 28 people actively engaged either before, during or after my Facebook Live and within 24 hours had a sale of $5,000 for a mentoring program.

A few things to note about the Facebook Messenger:

  • Every message I sent was targeted to my new followers
  • I highlighted why the Facebook Live I was doing would serve them
  • I gave them advance notice of the time I would be on Facebook Live
  • I actively requested their participation

This formula is super simple and it worked.

Don’t kill yourself trying to figure out how to get engagement on Facebook Live. This strategy is really simple and once you follow the formula I use, you can sit back and watch the magic happen.


Creating your own Facebook group is really important and part of why my system was and is so effective.

I like to keep my marketing really simple and to have my marketing happen at low and no cost!

What I did in my system really works and is formulaic.

What I did is:

Set up a closed Facebook Group – I began a Facebook group and invited my new followers and my old followers to join my group where I was positioned as the expert.

I created value for my group –  I created posts that provided value and also got engagement in my Facebook group and began inviting people from the group to participate in my daily Facebook Live.  I also had group members invite others to the group who could be served and who they believed would get value, too.

I found out what topics would be attractive to my group – I asked the right questions to find out what my target audience, now my Facebook group, identified as their biggest challenge and their biggest goals.  I then did my Facebook Live’s to address their needs.


Never neglect the power of posting on social media.

Every day I posted on Facebook inviting people to join my group and also my Facebook Live.

I invited new followers and friends and those in my group to share with a friend and share the news of my Facebook Live on Facebook.

This free social media marketing and sharing on Facebook lead to a direct increase in the number of active Facebook Live viewers who also got engaged with me and began to build a relationship with me.

My next client, $2500, came from this posting.

Seriously, don’t skip this step – no matter how “new” you are or how “small” your following is.


After providing days of Facebook Live that created massive value for my followers, I then jumped into sales – all without selling. This is my favorite part of the system!

My “sell without selling” sales strategy is broken up into several pieces – and I made sure to create my system to include these pieces.

On each Facebook Live, I created a gap and I clearly showed my audience what they were missing in their businesses and they could see that I had more answers for them.  I let them know how they could access more answers if they desired. I made sure that I clearly presented the offer of more help to my potential customers in multiple places and in multiple ways.

My sales strategy, all based on my best-selling book, Selling Without Selling: Lessons From the Jungle for Sales Success, contained 3 core pieces:

  1. Strategically teach what my target audience had a gap in
  2. Invite my target audience to participate in my Facebook Live trainings
  3. Tell my target audience how to work with me

Each of these pieces can add additional sales to your bottom line, but when used together, you get an extra push for sales all without selling.


I consider my Facebook Live system very strategic. I developed a game plan that is easy to follow.

I asked my Facebook group and my new followers about their challenges and goals.This information was designed to do a few different things including – helping me create Facebook Live’s that would fill my target audiences needs, have them show up, encourage them to participate and also help to show them how I could fill the gap for them.

What I noticed is:

  • The more I taught my best information, they more of my knowledge they desired
  • The more I gave massive value, the more they participated and became curious about me and my services
  • The deeper I went on a topic, the more clearly I could recognize more gaps
  • All I needed to do was to suggest what working with me would provide and they would contact me to buy.

Results grew every day as I followed this formula around their gaps.


As people were being driven to my training program on Facebook Live, I kept teaching the topic over and over again with even more information being added.

I understand that some buyers will buy immediately and some later. I know that there is a parade of people watching and waiting to buy so I needed to keep doing the Facebook Live training and inviting people in multiple ways.

I was spending about 35 minutes a day, during the work week, doing my Facebook Live training and gaining in audience and participation.  Some of my Facebook Live’s reached over 1,000 people after the Live was over and saved to my page.
I kept promoting the videos saved to my page organically on Facebook and through messenger and more and more of my ideal target audience was getting my training each day.


While I never actually came out and promoted an offering directly on Facebook Live, I did suggest I had the answers to my target audience’s problems and could help them get to their goals.

During a Facebook Live, after I knew I had a lot of hot prospects who had been watching for over 30 days, I realized I was ready to make an offer.  My audience already knew me, liked me and trusted me.

All I did was mention a way people could work with me and let them know they could message me on Facebook privately if working with me resonated.

And now for the results!


Now before I wrap this up I wanted to share some of the results from about 90 days of Facebook Live!


Leveraging Facebook Messenger, Getting Targeted Followers of Influencers, Establishing my Closed Facebook Group, I had added 292 people who were my exact target audience to my Facebook family.

Many days over 100 of them would watch my Facebook Live training.

TOTAL SALES – $91,000

All without selling anything and by just creating value and engagement, showing the gap and allowing my audience to see I had the solution to the gap, and all without selling, I generated $91,000 in 90 days.

TOTAL SALES – $91,000!

So there you have it a $91,000 return on investment spending about 30 minutes a day, Monday through Friday, on Facebook Live.  All of this took me only a few days to set up, a week to execute, and within 90 days this was incredibly profitable!

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