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Want High End Leads? Then Create A High Ticket Program!

What Should You Be Selling?

A prospective client family member reached out to me by email the other day.  They shared their story of why they weren’t successful as a business consultant and business coach and said if they didn’t begin to earn a serious living soon, their husband wanted them to get a job and shut down the business.  I went to the person’s website and also located them on social media.  I realized why they were failing.  They did not have a high-ticket consulting/coaching program. They were in a trap of trading time for money.

How about YOU?  Have you created a signature program and are you bringing high-end leads to your program?


How I Fixed Her Business

The prospective client family member hired me.  I told her that first, she needed to create a high-ticket program and then we needed to work on high-quality leads with a marketing strategy that would amp up her lead generation.

I asked her what she could sell that was a high ticket. She wasn’t giving me an answer that would yield high ticket pricing.  I then asked her what was the 6-figure problem she helped with?  She told me she saved her clients money.  I asked her who she helped save money and she told me small businesses.  We had nailed down her target market that would pay her big money for the outcome they wanted.

Usually, people invest in consulting/coaching programs because they want to make money, or save money or to have a better life. She nailed the “why”.  She now had a valuable offer of saving her target market money.

She told me she had a solution and it resulted in savings and that business owners wanted to save money and her process did just that.


We now had a market and a message for them.

I told her she was only going to focus on the market that already wanted to save money and not try to convince a market to save money.  It’s much easier to sell to people who know they want to buy.

We then created the program that was unique to her and only she could consult/coach with because it had her proprietary process. She had 4 steps that led her clients to money saving.  I had her list them out and then we named them something only she could own.  Just like I have named some of my processes, like “Command, Connect, Convert”.  Now she was not looking like any other consultant/coach.  She had her own proprietary process. Together we laid out the process so it was clear and she could now take clients through it.

She told me if a client worked this process with her, their business would make more money.

Now it was time to create a high-ticket program for these high-end clients.  We looked at her proprietary method and I asked how this could be shared to get clients real results. She told me it could be done virtually.  I always like virtual programs as they are the most scalable. We discussed how to get them the training they needed and we decided training videos would work and that say her clients could watch them at their leisure from anywhere they wanted and on any device.  Having the videos recorded also optimized her income and shortened her hours worked.  Once she created the videos they could be re-used over and over again.

We looked at what else needed to be put in this program.  At first, she was going to run an in-person mastermind three times per year. As we talked about leveraging and optimizing her time she realized that in person wasn’t necessary for this program yet she wanted them to have mentoring and not just videos.

We decided to add group coaching so that she could do webinars and guide her clients to their outcomes in one group.  In the group webinars, she would blend some consulting with her coaching on one call a week. She decided to also host a short question/answer call each week as well.

The Result

This client joined my six-week program to get high paying clients. During the six weeks, she created her high ticket program and started her lead generation marketing tactics to get high quality leads for her new program.

By week eight, she had her program and her first 13 leads.  Of those leads, she closed 5 people into her $3500 program.  In the past, she was making about $1500 a month. This month she made almost $20,000 in ONE month and only worked consulting/coaching for 2 hours per week!


If you are struggling and trading time for money, you need to transform your business and to find out the one result your niche really wants and is willing to pay top dollar for. Next, you need to create a proprietary program.  Then you need to decide how to present that program so client family members get the outcomes they want and you optimize and leverage your time.  This is how to create a six and seven figure consulting and/or coaching business.

Want help?  Connect and ask questions.

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