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Want More Leads? Effective Demand Generation Tactics You Must Know

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What Is Demand Generation?


Demand generation is focused targeted marketing programs which are designed to drive awareness and interest in a company’s products and/or services.  It is critical for your business growth that you build a successful demand generation marketing program.  By having the right demand generation program your company can attract new prospects, tap into new markets, build buzz around your business, generate press and retain your current customers, too.


Demand Generation vs. Lead Generation

There is a distinction between demand generation and lead generation. Demand generation is targeted marketing  and is different from lead .generation because it includes activities that occur before a lead is in the selling cycle. Unlike traditional marketing demand generation not only relates to qualifying and prioritizing prospects it also includes nurturing qualified leads into the sales process.

It is critically important to know the difference between lead generation and demand generation because your marketing needs to be able to demonstrate ROI for each marketing dollar spent. Demand generation marketing starts with creating awareness about your products/services, your brand and your company.  It includes on-line and off-line marketing and inbound and outbound marketing. It also focuses on creating awareness of your industry. On the other hand, lead generation is how you measure your demand generation efforts.

New job roles have sprouted up and many companies hire dedicated personnel for demand generation and you will find job postings and job title listings for demand generation manager and vice president of demand generation.

Demand Generation Tactics

Every business wants to have a continuous stream of qualified leads.  The best tactics result in a lot of quality leads.  Many companies spend great sums of money to build prospect and customer databases to find the prospects and customers in their databases are mis-understood and are not giving buying signals to the company.

It is important to create a customized database strategy based on your prospect needsLead Generation Companies and wants as well as your customer needs and then to fine tune your strategy to move your prospects and customers into buying actions.

There are many CRM generators on demand to select from that will monitor and measure prospect and customer responses to your marketing communications.

To build the best prospect and customer relationships today you need to use a CRM that allows you to foster and nurture both prospects and customers.  The real value in any business is in the company’s database. With a great CRM you can engage prospects and customers and measure the effectiveness of your marketing and track your marketing ROI.

The best demand generation tactic is one that nurtures every relationship, is automated and provides quality lead generation so you can close more business.




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