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BlogWhat Are The Best Marketing Tools?

May 8, 2015

The 4 Steps To Successful Medical Marketing

The best marketing toolOne Step At A Time 300x225 - What Are The Best Marketing Tools?s come from following a simple system and taking just one step at a time. Effective marketing is a system and in fact the most important system in every small business.

You may have heard that marketing is getting a person who has a need for your products or services to get to know, like and trust you.  In my experience as a marketing consultant I believe trust is the number one reason a patient selects your practice.  Once they trust you they will call your office and contact you.  You won’t have to chase patients or hunt for them any longer.   Remember this key core concept as we get into the 4 steps.


Step One: Define Your Ideal Patient 

dentist with patient 300x200 - What Are The Best Marketing Tools?Instead of trying to reach all patients it is essential you focus on a very narrowly defined market segment.  Many medical practices think it’s a wise growth strategy to take on any new patient even if they aren’t a great fit for the practice. They see a new patient as a new case worth more dollars and can’t wait to add more patients to their practice.

In fact, it is more important for a medical practice to understand that the most important marketing tool they have is working only with the exact cases that they want to work with. They must identify a small and narrow niche of ideal patients and only accept those patients. Ideal patients may be people who value the approach your practice provides or have the type of insurance you prefer or are private pay or bring referrals or family with them.  You must be clear on what the exact identity is of the ideal patient type before you waste dollars on marketing without having the right strategy to attract your perfect patients.

Step Two:  Differentiate Your Practice

peas in pod 300x203 - What Are The Best Marketing Tools?Medical practices must differentiate their practices to stand out from other practices by having a Core Unique Positioning Statement. They must truly have something they offer, claim or provide that is truly unique from all the other practices.

When I ask this question during medical seminars I typically hear responses that sound like every other medical practitioner. Most doctors think they are different but are just like the same two peas in a pod.   I encourage the medical practitioners I provide small business advice to that they must create a way of expressing what they do for a living as something completely unique from all other medical practitioners in their marketplace.   This is a true game changer and one of the best marketing tools you can use to grow your practice.


Step Three: Create Educational Content

Carla on ABC 300x200 - What Are The Best Marketing Tools?Educational content that is direct to consumer is 100% trusted. Advertising is 0% trusted. Americans spend 10 times the amount of time in front of a television than they spend in front of a computer cruising the Internet. The total U.S. household television penetration rate is 98.2%.  66% of families rate health education as very important.

Having a medical educational show with specials and daily medical messages broadcasting in your local TV market area with direct to consumer education is a great way to get educational content to your prospective patients and be seen as the local expert.

You can quickly build the value of your medical practice, become featured as a local expert and use educational content as your most affordable and powerful platform.  Through educational content as your top growth strategy you can build your practice value and self-worth to the community, enhance relationships with your community network of referring professionals and be the “go-to” practice as a community leader, educator and contributor.

make it easy for patients to try us 300x225 - What Are The Best Marketing Tools?

Step Four: Make It Easy For Patients To Try Your Practice

Make it easier for patients to select your practice as the practice of choice by moving them to trust you by creating special offers.  This converts inquires into patients much faster.  Create some special free or trial offers for new patients.

Think about what you can offer prospects that would have them switch their current practitioner for you.  What can you add on that would make coming to your practice more valuable?



By implementing these 4 steps you will have a great process in place to increase your medical business revenues and profits.

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