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The Heart-repreneur® team helps you follow your intuition to create profitable, transformational businesses by following our proprietary, proven and simple HEART™ Method- no matter what type of service your business provides. We guide you to create multiple six figures working very little and making a huge difference to the lives of the client family members who invest in your services and who are excited to pay you for the transform they get with your process, program or service.

Why We Do This Work for You

I am Terri Levine, the founder and creator of the Heart-repreneur® cause. If you want to have more wealth and want to live a life of freedom like I do, then you are in the right place.

I know the work I do makes a big difference for others, just like you. For over two decades I have specialized with heart-based business owners to follow in my footsteps doing what I have done. I absolutely love my life and know I am making a real difference to my client family members whether I am looking out the windows of my home in Mexico, gazing at the beach, the jungle, and the birds, or working by the ocean when living in my beach place in New Jersey or even when in my home outside Philadelphia where I enjoy the culture and history of the area.

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I created a business where I can work from absolutely anywhere. I have a loving marriage, travel regularly to places of my choosing as a business expense and when I want to stay home, I do. I have followed my calling and now want to help you do the same.

I see too many service-oriented businesses selling information and not true transformation. These business owners are unable to get enough clients, not engaged in conversations that matter, are having difficulty getting people to invest in their services, doing too much one to one work and not leveraging their time or they are too busy delivering their work to find time to market their services.

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The HEART™ Method helps you shift to doing transformational work where you truly help your client family members integrate long-lasting changes from your services.

The over 6,000 clients our team has served help you remember why you went into your business in the first place and then guide you to make multiple six figures doing what you love while making a real difference to those who invest in your services. They will extract your unique story and perception to attract the ideal client family members ready and willing and excited to invest in your services and help you learn to deliver your services effectively and efficiently. You will spend fewer hours working so you can enjoy your family, go on vacations, and have the wealth you desire while helping others gain true transformation.

Are YOU ready to disrupting the OLD way you have been doing business?

This means you are willing to give up spending hours and hours creating content, posting on social media, creating videos, blogging, podcasting, writing books or articles, SEO, marketing and selling… and all the things that don’t make your heart sing and that take you away from the main reason you got into business – to help others achieve true transformations.

Can We HELP You?

If you make a living from your expertise, knowledge or wisdom or have a business or product you sell, or if you are a coach, author, business owner, consultant, advisor, therapist, doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, counselor, dentist, info-preneur or so-preneur then YES! We have already helped thousands of people’s business and increased their wealth, freedom, free time and their joy doing the work they do.

If you want to turn YOUR expertise into a $20,000 per MONTH income (even if that seems impossible right now) and you want to generate new clients/customers who are ideal and ready for the transformation you will help them with and who will happily invest at the price that reflects your knowledge and you want your business to be leveraged without doing all the tasks that you don’t love and are tired of … the YES, we can help YOU!

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That you get to focus on what you’re good at and passionate about instead of doing EVERYTHING.

You will have complete control over your clients, how you choose to serve them, how many clients you choose to serve, and the prices you command for your services and you will be able to generate ideal clients/customers in your business by becoming “THE AUTHORITY” in your market and adding massive value and true transformation for the client family members who invest in your products/programs/services.

Imagine how you will feel when you realize that the glass ceiling on your income was never there to begin with and all of the barriers you thought existed are gone and your business is soaring to new financial heights and you go further than you ever thought possible while helping others make long-lasting transformations.

AND you will be able to do all of this while experiencing the passion and joy you had and the reason you got started in your work in the first place.

Feel how free you are when you no longer have to sell using manipulation, scripts, closing tactics, hype, promises you can’t keep and you actually keep the promises you make to your client family members, sleep well at night and never feel sleezy or dirty and can focus 100% on your client’s success.

With our proven method you only need nine client family members to invest in your services each year to make six figures and we show you exactly how to have those ideal prospective client family members find you and hire you without selling to them and without expensive marketing.

If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur who knows deep down operating from heart and not using traditional sales and marketing will allow you to make a bigger difference in the world and if you can imagine yourself having six months of recurring revenue contracted and committed while doing the work you love and helping others make long-lasting transformation while you work on a schedule you love, we are a perfect fit for you.

You have a purpose on the planet and we are here to help you do the work that lights your soul on fire. You will get to work when you want, with whom you want from where you want with no scheduled phone calls or emails as we shift you to deliver your value in a different way that creates wealth for you and true transformation for your client family members.

With our unique abilities we can instantly see and understand what your true value is and then match it to what the market wants. Once we help you deeply understand your value, we then teach your prospective client family to value you so they will invest in your services. When you are aligned with your value others will not balk at your pricing. You must own your value fully for others to do the same.

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