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BlogWhy On-Line Mentoring Is The Best Choice

August 21, 2015

Watch the video below “Terri Levine explains Online Mentoring”


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As a business mentoring expert, I get asked a lot of questions about mentors that are virtual.  People ask me, “What is the difference between a mentor that is in-person and a virtual mentor? Why do you prefer virtual mentoring?” I have to tell you there are a lot of reasons I prefer this form of mentoring.mentoring on the grass 300x232 - Why On-Line Mentoring Is The Best Choice

I have had many mentors before I became a mentor.  The very first mentor I ever had was virtual. I had been introduced to her virtually and  our conversations occurred by telephone.  We didn’t have the advantage of Internet, Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts twenty years ago so we couldn’t see one another.  All of our conversation occurred through telephone as our form of virtual mentoring.  She was able to not only help me advance in my business, she was able to train me, coach me, guide me and even take me under her wing and do some nurturing and to provide personal coaching support. All done virtually.

Online or Virtual Mentor?

Virtual mentoring with skype 227x300 - Why On-Line Mentoring Is The Best ChoiceWhen I was setting up my own mentoring business a couple of decades ago, I had to make a decision.  Did I want to be an in-person mentor or a virtual mentor/online mentor?The Internet was not popular when I first started, and most people were just beginning to have websites. There were very few people that had webcams, also.  Using the Internet wasn’t an option but using a phone was.  I begin my business by phone and as the Internet became widely used I decided that mentoring online was more in line with how I wanted to coach.  My goal was to do the best mentoring possible to get people great results and I realized that when people are Face to Face there is often a lot of distraction.  We are looking at the client, and observing their body language and they are doing the same with us and taking our body language as feedback. The in-person client is checking if the coach is judging them by watching their body language. They are looking to see what the coach is thinking of them and their responses when the client and coach are sitting face to face.

virtual mentor with skype 300x188 - Why On-Line Mentoring Is The Best Choice

Corporate Mentoring

Corporations who had an in-person mentor were taking time away from their businesses and interrupting their day and being faced with spending time to travel to meet for their mentoring sessions. A big, big advantage to having an online mentor is that nobody will have to interrupt anything and get in a car, or plane and travel. I, as a mentor, don’t have to travel anywhere, so the cost of my mentoring for corporations is kept down. In addition the organization and the team or the individual that I am mentoring can mentor with me from anywhere because we do it by phone, or Skype,  or by Google Hangout, or Facetime.

This form of online mentoring has proven to me that people not only get better results, it takes less time and there is just as much as of a connection without the distraction of in-person mentoring.

You have a choice about who to work with and how to work with them when you are looking for a mentor.  My personal choice for the mentors I’ve hired over the years have been only virtual mentors or online mentors.  For me it has worked extremely well not only in growing my business but also working on personal aspects for self development and personal success.

Before you hire any mentor, decide if  you prefer to work virtually.  If you think you may not like it I suggest you try it. Don’t get stuck thinking it has to be done in person. Once you try it you can then make an educated decision and may find it to be an experience you prefer.  So before you make up your mind try it out. I encourage you to think of hiring a mentor online.

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