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2nd November 20170


I want to be a little contrarian in this post today as we talk about why you should write a book. There’s a statistic that says 81% of the people have a book inside them that they actually want to author, but that’s not why you should want to have a published book. Statistics show that publishing books are now $151 billion-a-year industry, but that’s still really not why you want to write a book either.

Sure, being a best selling author gives you authority. Yes, it gives you expert status. I do not believe that having a written book is the new business card, but I think it makes a powerful introduction. It’s also a great marketing tool and yet, this still isn’t the most important reason to become an author.

The most important reason to write a book is that it produces authentic self-confidence in the author. When you write your first book it’s more like going through a personal development course than just writing a book. It involves facing your fears, overcoming your objections about you, and dealing with a big learning curve. When you opt to write a book, you’re going to confront every aspect of you that has ever held you back, all your life.

It’s going to require that you look at all your hidden demons and ugly stories you tell yourself about yourself. It’s going to help you uncover your unseen saboteurs that have been stealing your success from you.

You’ll have to confront the part of you that is still worried about what other people think about you. You’re going to live through the ups and downs of the online critic; these are the people who either love your book or hate your book. The review will stare you in the face every single day with a positive or negative review and you will have to learn to manage your mind and its positive or negative reactions.

When you write a book, you have to confront the lies that you tell yourself daily. along with the excuses you have constantly said to yourself about why you can’t write, can’t spell or aren’t good enough to write. You have to go through the learning curve and use the technology correctly. You have to manage your mind when you have writer’s block, and learn how you can break through this lie of thinking you are blocked, instead of trying to find ways to unblock yourself.

What’s great about being an author is that it pushes your comfort zone and acts as a catalyst for success and greatness. When you write a book it’s about you learning how to have faith in you and your message. It’s about you leveling up and doing something that forces your success to grow. When you put your best work out with every single book that you write, you will feel a continued sense of pride and authentic confidence growing. You will begin to believe that you can do anything.

I’ve now written 23 books over the last couple of decades. Every time I write a book, I push myself to be as authentic and as transparent with my reader as I can. In my latest best-selling book Ultimate Freedom Unlock the Secrets to a Life of Passion Purpose and Prosperity, I share deeply personal stories that help me connect with my reader and allow me the practice of being vulnerable and transparent.

The practice of being in this type of transparency while writing means that when I keynote speak at an event, I feel more comfortable on stage because I have already been deeply personal and open in my book. What I want to leave you with is the notion that if you want to catalyze your success, write a book.


Vickie Helm is a founding partner at She’s a business development strategist and the bestselling author of Ultimate Freedom, Unlock the Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity.

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