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BlogWhy Your Business Is Doomed To Fail!

17th July 20150

If Your Business Isn’t Thriving I’m Talking To YOU!

I’ve shared marketing strategies with mentoring clients in nearly every industry and in 11 countries.  Through small business consulting I’ve observed how thousands of businesses operate and I know the traits needed to thrive in business versus starve at business.

Entrepreneurs today have to understand how to run a business. They can’t just open their doors or put up a website or open a virtual office and hope people will show up.  Small business owners who recognize the need to become the CEO’s of their businesses and drive their marketing have many traits in common.  Let’s discuss those characteristics so you can use these marketing strategies to grow your revenues.

Wanna Be Like Them?  Here’s How…

clear reading glassesSuccessful business owners know without hesitation where they are planning to go and what they plan to do once they get there. They aren’t vague and they don’t waffle when they talk about their visions.  Many of them have done work with a business coach to identify their journey and to be certain they implement business solutions that will increase their income.

In addition to having a clear vision the business owners have another important trait in common.  They have a huge desire to learn and study and improve.  They get a lot of continuing education, read books, attend seminars, take online courses and most of them also invest in business coaching or business mentoring.  They don’t just passively learn either. They take an active role and are doers.  Experiential learning allows them to take their knowledge and put it to use.  Ken Blanchard said that the “biggest gap in the world is between knowledge and application.”  These owners apply their knowledge.

Those who are failing or struggling in their small businesses typically have a gap in applying knowledge and also tend to have a more negative or pessimistic mindset about how applying the knowledge will really help their business. The opposite is true for the highly successful. They see the application of knowledge as urgent and necessary to take them to their purpose. They know there are no shortcuts to revenue growth, and the journey may include some great failures along the way.

Mentors and Right People

One very significant difference between successful business owners and those who have flat revenues or have have decreased revenues and are struggling is that they hire mentors long-term. They aren’t seeking a quick fix and understand business and executive coaching is an investment in their success.  They want the critical feedback mentors provide.terrilevinementoring

In addition to having the right mentors they surround themselves with a great team. Mark Collins in his book Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t says, “Contrary to popular belief, people are NOT our greatest asset…only the RIGHT PEOPLE are our greatest asset.”

Whenever I see a highly successful person I am certain they have attracted great team members and nurtured their talent. They have put time and energy into the right people and work hard to keep them as well.

goalsYou Gotta Have Goals

All of the thriving business owners I’ve witnessed have very clear and very specific goals and they monitor their goals regularly.  Goals are the first part of their roadmap. Once they have clarity with their written goals then they create systems to free up their time, automate their sales, marketing and operations.

Having systems to reach the goals you establish gives you predictable outcomes in your business and is one of the things all the successful owners have in common. They all showed me life and business goals and constantly spent their  reviewing them. They then made sure they put in place the right systems to help them reach their goals.


Image Matters


Thriving entrepreneurs know their brand image is critical. They make sure their own image as well as their brand image is reflective of what their target audience is seeking.  They dress and act the way prospective clients, customers or patients would expect them to and they work hard to create an image that matches their Core Unique Positioning Statement.

People judge a book by it’s cover and in a few seconds they decide if they like you or your company based on appearance.

Always Be Marketing

Thriving entrepreneursMarketing concept torn newspaper headlines reading marketing, strategy, branding, advertising etcrs know they must be marketing all the time. They use internal and external marketing strategies to reach potential customers every day.  Their business operations, customer service and sales are all marketing based.

Marketing at all times is what keeps them “top of mind” for prospects.

It’s Your Time To Thrive!

Now that you know what you need to do it’s time for you to take the physical actions so that you rise to the top and become one of the most successful businesses on the planet.

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