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BlogBusinessWomentorship: An Investment in Heartrepreneurs

December 6, 2017

Womentorship is another principle of Heartrepreneurship. It’s a simple concept and absolutely essential from both sides of the equation. You are starting, growing, expanding, or learning something new and need the expertise, wisdom, guidance, tricks of the trade, and compassion of a more experienced person who is willing to share their time and offer insights into the steps required to reach a level of competency in your chosen direction.

Vickie mentoring2 225x300 - Womentorship: An Investment in HeartrepreneursWhy the addition of the prefix WO- added to mentoring? As in #Heartrepreneurship, there are unique qualities addressing the female approach to mentoring. This is not to dissuade one from receiving mentoring from those in the population with a Y chromosome; it is just a slippery slope with the current tide of sexual harassment charges reported daily. Those in a mentoring relationship have to first and foremost be able to trust each other without any undue and unnecessary complications. So, why Womentoring?

If Heartrepreneurs are shifting the business environment to a place of complete authenticity, transparency, and into heart-based communication; Womentoring is a natural extension to use as a foundation for assisting new business leaders and entrepreneurs with professional socialization and psychosocial support, essentially building what we would like to see in all businesses and leadership positions. Heart and impact.

Who makes a good Womentor? Women who have: relevancy to the work/professional development the mentee is seeking, availability and willingness to take the time, effort and energy to share and support one who has not mastered your specific specialty; authenticity, passion, honesty, and candor.

Let us not forget the Womentee: In all relationships, it takes two to make it work. You must have respect for your womentor and the opportunities provided in this potentially long-term relationship; openness to learning new things/systems/people, you must be coachable, honest, integrous, and serious.

What’s in it for the Womentor? Although it can appear altruistic, there are fringe benefits for the womentor as well: The opportunity to have an impact, give back and enhance your satisfaction with your own position.

For the Womentee? In addition to the obvious things mentioned above, she may also build confidence, self-reliance, self-esteem, develop core values, relationships and a network of resources.

In summary, womentoring is a chance to guide and mold the next generation to expect that all business will be heart-centered, transparent, connected- before, during and after transactions; with the focus on people and relationships, not just a monetary exchange.

headshot of Robin 1 269x300 - Womentorship: An Investment in HeartrepreneursRobin Helm
Co-Founder of the SheEO
Advancing Women in Leadership and Business

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