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BlogYou Work Really Hard: I Know Why You Have Little To Show For It…

January 8, 2018

Are You In The Low-End Sales Trap?

Do you believe what “they” say and do you keep creating low-end programs and products to get people to buy from you after they get a free lead magnet?  Have you followed the talk about having a free offer (lead magnet) and find you don’t get a lot of opt-ins or sales?  

Adobe Spark 2 300x157 - You Work Really Hard: I Know Why You Have Little To Show For It...People are teaching to have low offers or free offers to move people into their marketing funnels.  No wonder so many people are struggling to make a decent living.  I focus on the top of the funnel and don’t waste my time and energy creating or delivering low-end offers.  My experience consulting with thousands of business owners shows me that people who have low end offers work really really hard with very little income to show for it.  In fact, most low-cost offers result in minimal outcomes for client family members.

Create Value.  Create Results.

Clients will pay for one thing and one thing only – the results you deliver and the value they receive.  If you focus on a low-end funnel you will get very few (if any) high-paying clientsHigh-end clients will have no interest in investing in something that provides them with minimal results.

If you follow what I do and what my successful clients do, you will only design and market Premium High Ticket Signature Programs that truly solve client family member problems or result in them achieving important goals they have.  In my business and in my client’s businesses about 75% to 90% of our incomes are from our high-ticket programs.  We don’t educate clients we transform them with real outcomes and guaranteed results.

All those low and no cost offerings don’t provide true transformation.  They are a small piece of a puzzle.  Instead, focus on your biggest client family member problems and give them all the answers they need to get the outcomes they desire.  If you believe you have to serve everyone and the masses can afford only a little bit then go ahead (once you are earning 6 figures) and help those people with low and no-cost offerings – but never do that until you have your six figures flowing in effortlessly.

My Own Business Model Revealed

Adobe Spark 1 1 300x157 - You Work Really Hard: I Know Why You Have Little To Show For It...I have several really great training webinars that are automated that prospective client family members can watch at their convenience.  I get emails every week from people who have watched those webinars and thank me for providing so much free education and value for them.

Over the years I have served over 5,000 clients around the world who have invested in my high ticket programs because they were very serious about getting results and wanted to transform.  Once I had an income that worked for me, I provided free courses and materials for people and a few low-cost programs.  Why?  I had the income and momentum to serve high-ticket clients and get them stellar results so I could now give back to the masses who don’t step up to the plate and invest in themselves or their businesses.  You can join one of those programs now.

Most business owners spend their time and energy trying to get people to opt-in for a free session, a free audio or free ebook and then they try to enroll them in some low-ticket program that most people say “no” to because they know if it’s low priced it can’t really create the outcomes they want and need.  The result?  Tired, burned-out business owners struggling to find clients and to make a decent living.

Stop All Low-End Activities – NOW

If you follow my advice like my client family members do, and stop your low-ticket offerings and only provide high ticket signature premium packages, you will make a lot more money, have a lot more free time and enjoy your business more while creating real results for your client family members.

I tell my clients to figure out what the one result is their clients need and want and then to create a high-ticket package that incorporates all the things you love to do. of my clients do coaching, others consulting, some do training, some retreats, some live events, etc.

It is best for you to decide right now what the result is you can deliver and be an expert in and then to create a high-ticket premium package around that result and focus ONLY on offering this one signature program.

turbocharge 300x150 - You Work Really Hard: I Know Why You Have Little To Show For It...

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