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BlogWorst Customer Service EVER – Shame On AT & T

18th December 20177

AT & T – Worst Example Of Customer Service

I love to share stories of stellar customer service and often use those stories in some of my bestselling books and in my articles.  Sadly, I have had a nightmare experience with AT & T.  Not only one of the worst examples of customer service (lack thereof) also a tale of lies and being treated as if they could not care about me as a customer at all.

What happened?  I went to buy an iPhone X (I had always bought my iPhones direct from Apple and always will in the future). With the iPhone X, they gave me a “free” iPhone 8 that I gave to my husband. I was told how their insurance was “so much better” than Apple Care (which I have always had on all my phones, computers and tablets), and I got the insurance with my phones.

They didn’t have the iPhone X in stock and I waited about 3 weeks to get it from Apple.

The day I got it, I went to the store and they were attempting to set up my new phone when the screen went black.

They told me to “take it home and plug it in”, “sometimes we have this glitch”.  Sure seemed odd to me, having owned 9 of these before and having 6 others in my current plan.

I went home. I plugged it in.  Itunes would not recognize it. The phone would not turn on.  I did a hard reset.  Black screen.  Clearly, the phone is dead.

I called the store and they told me they had a phone that had been returned that they could give me. I said no to a returned phone. I was spending over $1,000 for a phone, why would I want a returned phone?

Then I was told the sales associate was picking one up from another store and 2 were also coming in that day.

My husband returned to AT & T to get my phone. He was spoken to rudely and told no one went to pick up the phone and they didn’t get phones in and “just go to Apple”.  Meanwhile, AT & T had been paid over $1,000 for this phone.

I go back in that night after the salesperson says he personally got me a phone and dropped it off at the store.

I waited 90 minutes being told only this ONE person could help me.

The one person finally came over, had a phone in his hand and said it was returned but is shrink wrapped and brand new.  I inspected it and said ok.

He said to give him 10 minutes.

After 90 more minutes, I said I had enough and wanted a refund.

He told me he was the store manager and that Maurice had pretended to be and was not.

He then said he took my phone off my bill, took the insurance off my bill and said he took $100 off my bill for the over 4 hours I ended up being in the store.

I went to Apple and got a new phone and had to pay Philadelphia sales tax which is very high.

I then found AT & T did NOT take the phone off my bill, did not take the insurance off my bill and I am stuck with paying for a phone I don’t own, insurance on a phone I don’t own, and with an iPhone 8 I had no need for and insurance on that as well, plus taxes for all these things and some line charge that they can’t even explain to me.

Maurice claims he can’t do anything and says he IS the store manager of Montgomeryville, PA but the other gentleman who helped me said he IS the store manager.

I have been lied to over and over and they gave me this person who they said was the regional manager who could help, so far no response.

I tweeted them last week, no response.

I will NEVER endorse AT & T and never buy anything they have to sell – ever.

If you can avoid AT & T do so.

Clearly telling lies is acceptable, caring about customers is no important and being rude is accepted.

I was told, “just go to Apple”.  And yes, I WILL just go to Apple.

AT & T you win the number one award for having no clue about customer service.

You should be ashamed.

Who else has had a bad experience with AT & T?


  • Jocelyn Jones

    18th December 2017 at 1:21 pm

    Me Me, Pick Me! I also have had a TERRIBLE experience with AT&T and will NEVER do business with them again! When my husband dropped his phone in our driveway and his screen cracked, we went to AT&T to see what our options were as we had 3 phones (including my daughter) at the time, we were on Prepaid service through AT&T, they didn’t have any specials unless we were DirectTV customers, and to switch from prepaid to regular service was going to cost additional money, etc. There were other things as well, this is just a part of it. We ended up switching to Verizon. The Customer Service was AMAZING!! 🙂


    • Chief Heartrepreneur®

      18th December 2017 at 1:40 pm

      How very sad this is. I had been an advocate and I own 14 Apple devices that were all connected to AT & T. I am all Apple all the time and will never step foot in the store. I have the list of lies and the rude comments. They need customer service training and leadership training.


    • Bonnie Croney

      31st December 2017 at 8:30 pm

      Jocelyn, I’m glad you had an amazing experience with Verizon. I had a bad experience with Verizon in July. I waited over an hour for service and it was just before closing when I was waited on so the representative rushed through the transaction. Many things made it a bad experience but the two with continual impact are: a screen protector that doesn’t protect the screen around the edges and a case designed for button volume control when the phone has a toggle control. (Unfortunately, upgrades are staggered for the phones on our plan so there’s hefty monetary consequences for cancelling service.) And, to add insult to injury, the GM sent an email to reach out to her directly if I wasn’t 100% satisfied and didn’t respond to my email. To be fair, I’ve had good experiences with representatives in that store as well. My thought is customer service is a factor of the representative not the carrier. I think posting the names and locations of representatives who provide great customer service would make a difference.


      • Chief Heartrepreneur®

        4th January 2018 at 12:17 pm

        I do post when I get great customer service and I also post when I get poor customer service. This was a case of 4 employees of the store lying to me and now the Area Retail Sales Manager not following through.


  • Taye Baker

    18th December 2017 at 11:00 pm

    Hello, My Name is Taye Baker I’m the Area Retail Sales Manager for This market. Montgomeryville is one of my stores. I truly apologize for your experience. I’d love for you to give me a call if possible to make this right!! 971-254-7620


    • Chief Heartrepreneur®

      19th December 2017 at 8:21 am

      Thank you, Taye. We had sent some emails to you and will be very happy to speak with you and have this made right. My husband Mark Levine will be phoning you today. Last numbers of his cell phone are 8008.


  • Chief Heartrepreneur®

    4th January 2018 at 12:12 pm

    Well, I guess AT&T isn’t about customer service. Although Taye Baker responded on Dec. 18 it is now Jan. 4 and the situation has not been handled or resolved. And so it goes:( Very sad commentary and for those asking on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn I will also report there. No, AT & T has not stepped up to the plate.


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