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May 6, 2020

Try Marketing Modeling The NFL Draft And Get An Instant Lift To Revenue

My Post 640x640 - You’ll Lose Big Opportunities And Income: Don’t Miss This Urgent, Powerful Advice: Why The NFL Draft Is Key To YOUR Business Growth
NFL Draft And Business


You may think the NFL draft is about getting the most talented players on a team. Shocking news! It is about much more than that.  Read on as your small business needs to understand the real power and shocking surprise of how the NFL draft can help your business.

You may find this very odd and super interesting…

The NFL Draft Is NOT About The Players!

What? Are you kidding me? I know what you are thinking. Hold tight and I’ll show you what it is really about. Above all, I’ll show you how it relates to YOUR business.

The NFL draft is a super large entertainment production. Multiple networks provide live coverage for 3 full days.  The NFL gets major sponsorships on TV, in newspapers, and on the radio and makes a big profit from the draft.  In 2018 the NFL draft earned the highest viewership ever recorded. It averaged 5.5M viewers. The first round of the draft on Thursday night featured an average of 11.2 million viewers at any time.

The 2019 NFL draft generated massive income for the host city of Nashville, Tennessee.  In fact, in 2019 it shattered previous records for the league’s premier offseason event.  The three-day event generated a record overall economic impact of $224 million for the city of Nashville.  People spent money on lodging, local attractions, food, retail, and transportation.  This was a 79% increase over the prior year event held in Dallas. That year the event had produced an estimated economic impact of $125 million.

In downtown Nashville, there were over 600,000 people there in over three days experiencing the NFL Draft, and most of them spent plenty of money while there.

Income rolls into areas that have casinos, sports bars, and other gathering places as people have typically gathered to spend time and money together watching the draft and/or betting on the draft.

Looking at the draft in Dallas, the NFL found there was a $125 million economic impact!

What Does This Have To Do With Your Small Business?

While the 2020 draft doesn’t have the live gathering and all the glitz and glamour that has become a part of the draft in recent years, huge numbers of people are going to participate from their homes, complying with social distancing guidelines. People are at home. They are craving entertainment.

How can YOU entertain your prospects and clients/customers/patients?  It is super easy. I have been doing webinars, YouTube videos, Facebook Lives, giving away free training and education, sharing content, and in my own small way entertaining a captive audience who is at home.

No matter what your business is, ask yourself “how can I entertain my prospects?”.  If you give enough education and it is informative AND entertaining, you will have more qualified prospects.

Let’s see this in action!

Case Studies

One of my clients was totally out of work. His consulting business that was done in person with companies had come to an abrupt end with the onset of COVID-19.  He turned to me and asked if I could help.

In only 19 days, I took him on-line, entertaining and educating prospects and he earned $25,000!  Here’s the simple formula. Provide education.  Give away value. Be entertaining and interesting. Make a compelling offer.  That’s it.

Kristen A., a naturopath had no idea how to make money not being able to have her patients come to her office.  I brought her on-line and showed her how to be entertaining while giving value to previous patients, current patients, and prospective patients.  She made a little over $11,000 in 29 days.

What About Your Business?

If you want help, growing your business, we are here. We care and YOU matter. For a short time, we will help you overcome your biggest business problem. No fee.  It’s our way of giving back.

Apply today and start growing your qualified leads and closing more sales and making more money right now.

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