The Secret Is Out! Discover Self Marketing

The Brand Called YOU I hear so many business owners investing in branding services and working to discover what their brand is. Want to know a secret?  The best brand is YOU.  As soon as you understand the power of self-marketing, you can become known as a credible...

Doing Business As A Heartrepreneur®

Managing Is Dead! I have now been in business for over 4 decades.  I've worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist and owned my own speech clinic, I've owned a business doing art consulting and selling art, I've been a VP of marketing for a huge healthcare company, I've...


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What Our Clients Say

“When you’re ready to exponentially grow your business, hire Terri Levine. Her unique business program dives into your processes and systems and shows you how to master real growth. The mentors have been there. Terri has successfully grown hundreds of million dollar businesses including her own. Her proven mentoring and marketing techniques shift your focus. You stop wasting time on marketing that doesn’t work and you create the life that had you start a business, to begin with. I highly recommend Terri Levine.” Shawne Duperon ShawneTV

Mark Victor Hansen #1 New York Times Best Selling Series “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

“To manifest your fullest ability and become a great self-creator, you need a superstar mentor. Terri IS The “Coach of Coaches”, who mentors from the highest point of view with the most insight, knowledge and wisdom. Reach and drink deeply of her wisdom!” Mark Victor Hansen #1 New York Times Best Selling Series “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

“Terri Levine, Ph.D., is known as The Business Mentoring Expert and is considered one of the top business coaches in the world. She works with service, professional and service businesses of all sizes, guarantees her coaching, and customizes solutions that increase each businesses revenue and profits in an ethical way that is easy and effective to implement. In addition to being a best-selling author and in-demand keynote speaker, Terri is also a contributor to magazines and newspapers and appears regularly on radio and TV worldwide.” Professor M.S.Rao International Coaching Guru and the author of 25 books including the award-winning ‘21 Success Sutras for Leaders’ that has been selected as the Top 10 Leadership Books of the Year – 2013 by San Diego University

“Over the course of my career, I’ve met and spent time with many leaders in the business community. There is only one who has left an impression on me so profound, that it guides my business to this day. That person is Terri Levine. Terri leads with her heart. She lives what she preaches, and her passion for life and her clients is absolutely incredible to watch. Terri is a woman who can leave you speechless with her knowledge and deep understanding of how life should be when it’s at its best. Integrity, honesty, and passion are the most accurate words I can use to describe Terri. There are few real leaders in society who I can honestly recommend and feel completely confident that they will take care of anybody I send their way. I’m so very proud to know Terri and to have had the unique privilege of working with her for the past several years and look forward the magic we might create together in the future.” Robert Imbriale ‘The Motivational Marketer’, Ultimate Wealth 

“Terri’s ability to identify and zero in on what is working gave me the encouragement and confidence to make major leaps forward. Her feedback and observations are right on target. Having experienced several coaches in my life, I can easily say that Terri is tops!.” Joel Remde

“Terri Levine is a truly dedicated coach & mentor with a TON of valuable information. If you want more clients, patients or customers for your business, Terri Levine will show you the way to make it happen.” Judith A. Wentzel Real Estate Coach

About Us

Terri is a business mentoring expert and the Chief Heartrepreneur® at Heartrepreneur® LLC. She is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, radio host, and appears regularly in the media as a business coaching and consulting expert. Terri got fed up with how business was treating prospects, customers, employees, and vendors and decided to shift the business mindset and created the term Heartrepreneur® to overhaul how we do business today. Dr. Levine is disrupting how business owners communicate, sell, and market their businesses. Her programs range from business coaching and business consulting, business training seminars for business owners, business coaching training programs to develop coaching skills, creating professional training courses for others in the field of business coaching and providing additional products and services to companies seeking support to become Heartrepreneur® based businesses.