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Business Coaches

Business coaches

One of the pitfalls of being a business coach is that the best coaches often have no problem helping their clients grow their businesses, but can’t seem to grow their own business the way they want to and are sacrificing their personal lives. If you fall under this umbrella, know that it is not your fault!
Being a business coach is wholly unlike running any other type of business. As a business coach herself, our founder Terri Levine has helped thousands of business coaches add hundreds of thousands in revenue while having massive time freedom with our business coach marketing and mentorship program.
Life Coaches​

Life coaches

Whether you are an established life coach, or just wondering how to become a life coach, our program may be a great fit for you. Our founder, Terri Levine, a “life coach business coach” has helped thousands of coaches master the art of building a lucrative coaching business around their personal lives with ease and confidence.
If you are looking to build a thriving coaching business integrated with your personal life – stress-free and overflowing with success, we can help.
Health Coaches

Health coaches

Helping people to reach their health goals can be a very satisfying career. Our founder Terri Levine, has been assisting with marketing and life design for health coaches for over 30 years. She has helped thousands of health coaches reach their financial goals, often tripling or even quadrupling their income while having more time for their personal life, goals, and desires. 
If you are wondering how to market your health coaching business and looking to dramatically grow your revenues while having more free time to live your own delicious life, we can help.
Dr. Terri
Dr. Terri

The Secret to Manifesting Your Visions, Dreams, Hopes, and Fantasies Revealed.

I will share the principles I have shared with over 7,000 coaches to attract what you desire to create your life’s work and fill your spiritual and physical needs, to have more control over your life, and to master abundance in all areas of business and life.

This happens through the power of the Heart-repreneur® Live Well, Earn Well Life Design Method.

More About Heart-repreneur®

We offer a unique and proven method for coaches to build a thriving coaching business integrated with their personal lives so their business and life are stress-free and overflowing with success.

About Heartrepreneur
We offer life coaches, business coaches, and health coaches the business, sales and marketing systems for success while creating abundance in all areas of their lives and businesses. When you work with us you can live your best life while building a highly successful business.
We commit fully to you if this is you and will help you manifest prosperity and create your life’s work using the simple processes we know are proven to work!
Our strategies have a 100% success rate for all who implement them. If you want to create your life’s work as a life coach, business coach, or health coach, with massive time freedom, or need advice on how to acquire and retain more clients, contact us today!
You can see immediate results, like our client family members when you learn to:

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Meet Our Founder

Dr Terri Levine

Meet Our Found - Dr. Terri Levine
Dr. Terri Levine, is a business consultant, life coach and, clinical as well as positive psychologist who helps you create money, health, success and awaken your greater potential and magnetize what you desire.
For the past 40-plus years, she has been helping coaches like you attract and manifest your desires to live your delicious life and to blend your work into your life vs. having your work come first. Instead, we build your business around living your best life.
You are on this page because you want to create something you have not yet been able to create.
You can learn the principles she has shared with over 7,000 coaches and to attract what you desire to create your life’s work and fill your spiritual and physical needs, have more control over your life, and master abundance in all areas of your business and life.

Terri has over 43 years of business, sales and marketing experience, and has helped over 7,200 business owners reach revenue goals they never thought possible. She is one of the world’s foremost experts on how to market a coaching business. She has built and sold several multi-million dollar companies. She is a best-selling author of over 40 books, and a highly requested keynote speaker at events and conventions throughout the world.

Meet Our Found - Dr. Terri Levine