Are Your Customer’s Happy – Really Happy?

How do you measure customer satisfaction?

Mick Jagger told us what many customers are saying about their buying experiences today… “I can’t get no satisfaction”.

I believe, as business owners, we have to WOW customer’s and not simply satisfy them.

WOW service means customers are raving fans who are surprised and thrilled with the customer experience they receive from us.


We can’t WOW customer’s unless we know what they want their experience to look like. We might have our own idea of exceptional service and that might not be how the customer defines it.  Our responsibility is to match that WOW experience to what customer’s say would make us truly stand out for them and delight them.But it is important to know what delights or dissatisfies customers and being able to recognize when you need to step up.

Encourage employees and empower them to delight and fully satisfy all customers.  This means they must care about the customer’s needs and need to focus on making customers very happy all the time.  Satisfaction with service breeds loyalty.

As the founder of the Heartrepreneur® Movement, I stress that employees are your customer service agents and must be able to execute on customer service and making the customer right.  Employees need to be empowered to make decisions and to act in the customer’s interest and truly stand in their shoes.  As the business owner you need to train all staff to be 100% WOW focused and to create systems and policies that truly serve your customers.

What are some things you are doing to empower employees?

What are you doing to truly WOW customers?

Post in the comments.  I’d love to know.


How To Get Facebook Followers Who Are Engaged

Do you want more facebook followers?  Do you want to engage those followers you do have?

Look at your current facebook followers as well as how engaged they are.

Do you know that if you don’t get a lot of engagement your posts will be seen less and less in the news feed?

You must not only focus on getting facebook followers, you must get those followers to engage with you.

And please don’t buy facebook followers!


Facebook uses your engagement to decide how many of your fans should see your posts. If you buy fans, most likely they won’t be engaged and won’t help and might hurt your post reach.  In fact, you most likely will have facebook show less of your current fans your posts.

Also, when you have a lot of followers with few commenting you don’t look very credible.

So, the question now becomes how to get followers on facebook?

One way is to create content for your target audiences like an article or blog post or webinar or video training and then share this content on your facebook personal page and in groups and also on your facebook page. People will see you have fresh and interesting content and will then want to engage with you. This will help you get more followers on facebook.  Be certain you also put a facebook follow button on your website and blog, too.

Use engaging content on your page.  Mix up your content with photos, questions, and videos. Then notice which posts get the most engagement and stick with those.  I also used linked articles and these seem to create a lot of engagement. I also tell my fans what call to action I want them to take for example: like this post, share this post, take this quiz, answer this question.

I have noticed added an emoji icon to my posts seems to get more attention so experiment with those as well.


Try sharing stories about what you are doing and photos of the places you are going.

Take a look at your page’s insights to see which type of content resonates most.

Contests often work well as do Facebook apps.




Also, check out your competitors who are getting a lof of engagement and imitate their strategies and model their posts.

Check out what times most of your fans are online and publish posts when they are there.

Also, put in calls to action for your fans such as: leave your comments, download my white paper, sign up for my ebook, watch this video, etc. driving them to your website, too.




I recommend you find out about your followers by asking them questions to get to know them and to allow them to engage with others.

You can follow me here!





Humility is uncovering your guarded soul to invite others to warm themselves by the glow of your open heart.

What if you had to write a resume for your life? One that didn’t include the letters behind your name to prove your worth. One without the most popular template or keywords. A resume not focused on your professional achievements but your personal performance. Would you be proud of it? What keywords would your friends and family include of you as highlights to represent the essence of you?

Resumes are a place to showcase your skills and to prove you can stand out in an overachieving crowd. You must prove you are not only qualified, but highly motivated, creative, and dedicated to your potential employer. You have seconds to grab someone’s attention with, quite honestly, an immodest and possibly grandiose description of your experience. The entire purpose of this document is to put humility aside, get noticed and obtain an interview, in which you can even further portray you are suited for a position. 

Now, imagine at the end of your life, you sat down to write a resume to provide a “snapshot” of your life. To begin your next chapter, you need to capture your most meaningful qualities, memories, and experiences. You must quantify how you have left the world a better place. How difficult would it be to put pen to paper? Would you deem your life a success? 

The characteristics you bring into your work life and your home life may look entirely different or they may intersect. Personally, I think we are most successful when our worlds connect. One quality I would encourage you to embrace in both arenas is humility. As a parent, spouse, co-worker, leader, in any relationship really, humility demonstrates compassion and understanding. Humility does not make you timid, like some may believe, but in fact, can offer you great power in life.

Humility takes away the need to impress, to use others to your advantage, to focus on the sidelines. Humility is a good listener and showcases respect. It appreciates differences and accepts weaknesses, especially our own. Humility avoids assumptions and judgments. Humility leaves people better than when it found them.

Practicing humility at work or in business can feel like taking your armor off. It can leave you feeling intensely vulnerable. Being the one to admit imperfection may feel like a massive disadvantage. On the contrary, humility is a quality that will play in your favor. Humility will allow you to surround yourself with people who make up for your shortcomings. With humility comes a great deal of self-awareness, which allows for learning and growth, keys to effective work. It also creates a buffer for those times we fall, and we all fall. In our work worlds, members of the ego and arrogance committee stumble, and their counterparts quietly cheer. When you are humble and need to be lifted up again, forgiveness comes much more quickly.

This is no different in our personal lives. The lesson of humility at home is even more valuable. We may even feel more exposed conceding our flaws to the people we love most. But those people, our people, NEED to see we are human and humble and graceful. They need our example and our acceptance most. They need our support, our participation in their success and growth, and the knowledge that perfection is not the goal. It is a blessing for them to see our missteps and how we move forward from defeat. It will guide your relationships and allow for a closeness and comfort that cannot be achieved with even a hint of arrogance. Humility with the people we love needs to top our qualification catalog, they are the ones who will make up the references to your life resume after all.

So how do you add humility to your resume?

Listen – this is at the core of humility and developing and maintaining relationships.

Show vulnerability – we are at our best real and raw, and every person in our life can appreciate our guard going down.

Admit mistakes – taking ownership of our oversights shows the people around us it is ok to have their own mishaps to learn from.

Show empathy – embrace understanding and be present with the people around you.

Practice gratitude – we cannot be humble if we are not thankful.

There can be a tortuous balance at times between work and life. To create harmony between the two, consider your life resume and what qualities you can use to bridge the divide. If humility is not on that list, practice until you can confidently own your humbleness, quietly of course. And when you can sit down and create a resume for your life that you are modestly proud of, know that your goodness will move mountains.


Jamie Westerman is a family practice nurse practitioner in rural Minnesota, the owner of a health and wellness business, a single mom, and author of the blog Heartheaded Living. She is an expert on bringing together the mind-body connection and believes in all-encompassing well-being. Formerly a hardheaded and analytical thinker, she has shifted her approach to life and business by leading with her heart and encourages others to make this life-changing transformation as well. You can read more about her journey and how to revolutionize your own at   

Your Marketing Is All Wrong – How To Market Yourself

Every day I meet business owners who are trying to market themselves and failing miserably.  Why?  No one taught them proven marketing and they are experimenting with how to market themselves and spending a lot of time on content creation and a lot of money on seminars and books that don’t customize the marketing for them. Since you can now market yourself for little or no money on the Internet, I will begin by showing you exactly how to market yourself online.

First, you need to set up a Google My Business page because this listing will get your business on Google Search, Maps and Google+ and enable customers to review your business. When you have your business listed there you will find that local business reviews receive high rankings in the search results for free.

I also recommend you create a listing on Yelp. Yelp is the biggest online review site so creating a Yelp listing is definitely worth your effort. This is totally free and can put your business in front of 40 million monthly visitors.

Get your business listed on Yahoo Local by getting a basic business listing in its directory for free. This is important because listings are integrated with other Yahoo products like reviews, maps, and events.

Join two Facebook groups where your target audience hangs out and two LinkedIn groups with your target audience as well. Give advice and support to these groups to establish you as an expert in your field, and to build your reputation and sales.

Create your own Facebook group for customers and prospects and provide help and support in the group.

Another social media strategy is to offer coupons, specials, and discounts on Facebook or Twitter. Simply use images to offer discounts or coupon codes. You can promote a free, no obligation 15-minute consult to your followers.

I love social media listening tools.  I recommend Social Mention to monitor and contribute to conversations happening in your niche.

Blogging is another way to market yourself online. Contribute guest posts to a well-known industry site.  You can find these blogs by searching “your niche” + “guest post”.

One of my favorite strategies is to hold free webinars on your site.  Instead of investing in webinar technology you can use a great, low-cost alternative which is WordPress webinar plugin like WebinarIgnition. It has a one-time cost of $97 for unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees.

Another way to market yourself is to partner with a complementary business to co-sponsor a contest. This way you are growing your audience as two brands are coming together. Submit your contest to popular sweepstakes sites to extend the reach of your contest.

Be certain you install a free social sharing plugin on your site.

Read other blogs in your niche and comment on those. You can put your website URL in the appropriate field.

Another great way to market yourself online is to create an award in your niche. Award winners with a badge that links back to your website. We do this each year with our International Coach of The Year Awarded on November 4, each year.

Want more ideas how to marketing yourself on social media? Or marketing yourself in general?  What about how to market yourself on Instagram?  I could go on and on… I will just list a few more that I love and if you want more information you can contact me.

Join industry forums and forums where your target audience is.  Write relevant and helpful responses to questions without trying to sell.  Add value. Those who make meaningful contributions capture the attention of other readers.

I also recommend you sign up for HARO (Help A Reporter Out) to get free publicity for your business.  I have appeared in Self, Shape, Redbook, Fores, Huffington Post and tons of other media outlets, by doing just this.

You can also ask well-known influencers in your field to provide testimonials.  I have many.

My last two strategies for you today are to create a lot of valuable slide shares in Slideshare and to answer questions in areas where you are an expert on Quora.

You might be a bit overwhelmed by the choices… don’t be. You can market yourself successfully online by implementing just three of the strategies – any three.  Just do them consistently and watch what happens.



Business Level Strategies

There are two generic business level strategies. One is cost leadership which is how to generate economic value by having lower costs than your competitors.  A great example of a company using cost leadership is Wal-Mart.  Another strategy is product differentiation. Product differentiation is where you generate economic value by offering a product or service that customers prefer over other brands.  A great example of product differentiation is Harley-Davidson.

It is important that you understand cost management in your business, regardless of which strategy you choose. Do you know who has the cost advantage in your market? You want to develop a strategy to exploit the cost advantage or to compete on some other basis.

Sometimes companies have the cost advantage because they are in the right place at the right time or are first into a market or they have a natural endowment or they have locked up a source.

Some companies have cost leadership because the way they are serving the market. Think of Southwest Airlines as an example. They offer a level of quality that is inexpensive to produce and have made policy choices that give people incentives to reduce cost at every opportunity.

You can use cost leadership to gain a competitive advantage when your source is valuable, rare, costly to imitate or well organized and implemented appropriately. Rareness might come from economies of scale, diseconomies of scale, learning curve economics, differential input access, technology or policy choices.

No matter what strategy your company is considering, remember that a strategy is only as good as its implementation.  A strategy is implemented through organizational structure and control.  A structure is the division of management responsibilities and the establishment of reporting relationships. Control is policies intended to influence behavior that align the interests of the individual with the interests of the organization.

Share your cost leadership strategy here.