Organic traffic is a cost-effective and sustainable way for businesses to target their audience. It’s all about establishing a strong online presence through high-quality content and search engine optimization, which leads to higher conversions and increased brand recognition.

In today’s episode, Dr. Terri Levine shares expert insights on the best strategies for organically increasing traffic. A crucial tip she reveals is to share high-quality content on popular social media groups and pages where your audience frequents. Furthermore, Dr. Terri Levine emphasizes that exceptional content is key to standing out in your niche.

Let’s tap into some of her wisdom.

Key Highlights From The Episode: 

[00:44] What’s in for you in today’s episode; Best ways to get traffic organically 

[00:52] #1 Share valuable content on the most popular social media groups and pages   

[01:08] #2 Have a solid keyword research

[01:29] #3 Ensure your content is linkable

[01:36] #4 Ensure your content is high quality and the best in your niche

[02:02] #5 Ask people who are similar authorities in your niche to use and share your content

[02:35] #6 Build your email list

[02:43] #7 Share your content on syndication and aggregation sites

[02:59] #8 Upload slides to SlideShare

[03:06] #9 Comment on other people’s blogs and include relevant links back to your content 

[03:13] #11 Guest post or syndicate your content on other people’s blogs so that you reach a wider market

[03:26] #12 Share visual infographics with a link back to your blog

[03:33] #13 Regularly mention, feature, and link out to others in your niche so they can return the favor 

[03:58] Get help;

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Full Transcript:

Hey there. Welcome back to Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. I’m your host, Dr. Terri Levine. And, in today’s episode, I want to talk to you a little bit about the best ways for you to get traffic organically. And the number one way, and what I use here at Heartrepreneur, is to share in the most popular social media groups, pages, the hubs where people are in your target audience. I go into those groups and I share value and education in my content. The second thing that I do is I have solid keyword research.

And that’s what you need on your website, your landing pages, your funnels, your social media headlines. Good SEO behind that and content that is linkable so it gets a lot of shares. Now, of course, if we’re not talking organically, you can use some paid traffic like Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Google, or AdWords or banner ads. What I find to work best is organic high-quality content that is just the best in your niche, no one else is giving away such amazing content. And you can use Buzzsumo, which will tell you what already is being shared as highly valuable content in your niche.

So, you can just take that concept and know your niche eats that up. Now, once you have shared and created some really great content, then go to people who are similar authorities in your niche and ask them if they want to use or share your content. The whole idea here is that you are speaking, and creating value, and you’re using things like clickable signatures, or link trees so that people can begin to really follow you and learn from you. Of course, you can use things like teaser videos, giving away some actionable content, and then, sending people over to your website, your webinar, or your masterclass, whatever it might be.

You always want to be building your email list, so whenever you do have a new piece of content, you can let your audience know that. You can also share your content on syndication and aggregation sites. So, there’s Technorati, there’s Digg, there’s Reddit, there’s StumbleUpon, there’s Skupid, GrowthHackers. There’s just so many of them. People also really enjoy slides, you can upload slides to SlideShare. One of the things I also do is I comment on other people’s blogs, and I include relevant links back to my own content. You can guest post or syndicate your content on other people’s blogs.

So again, you reach more people in a wider market. Another thing that really works in organic marketing are visual infographics, and then, encourage your niche to share them with a link back to your blog. Regularly mention, feature, and link out to others in your niche so they can return the favor, and in my experience, they do. And then, guest post syndicate content, articles, blogs to other people in your niche. As I said a little bit earlier, to me, that’s really really important. These are just a few techniques that increase the traffic and the eyeballs you get.

If you want us to take a look at what you have to see if we have any tips or tools for you, then just head on over to Heartrepreneur Agency, we’re happy to do that. We are here to help you. Make sure that you give us five stars, please. Share the show, and we will see you here next time. Bye for now.

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