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*schema doneBlogMake Money With Your Brand: The Power Of Focused Branding

May 31, 2016


Put The Power Of Your Brand To Work

When a business owner decides they are ready to shift from doing business the traditional way with a lot of wasted expense on sales and marketing that doesn’t work, and they join the Heartrepreneur® Network, we encourage them to unlock the power of their brand.

Through focused branding of your products or services, you can better communicate your message to prospects, customers, patients, or clients and create more income for your business.

Before you can communicate your brand you must be clear about your products and services and what they represent. When you think of your business and answer questions about your services and products keep in mind the definition of brand. What is a brand? A brand is a product or service your company sells under a particular name.  So how do you take that product or service and actually create a brand and then prosper from proper branding?  That is the question you want to ask yourself.

What is Branding?

Branding is when you take a look at the products and services you are selling and you decide to give those a special name or symbol to identify them from your other products or services. This differentiates, in the consumers mind, the question they are asking of, “What brand is it?”Consumers are confused when a company markets all of their products under one name.  Think Apple. They have the iPhone. That is a brand. Think Pepsi Company they market Sprite. Sprite is a brand under the PepsiCo name.

Take a moment and think about your own products and services. Have you created branding using special names or symbols or logos for different products or services?  Before you answer this question let me answer the most common questions I hear regarding branding so that you can create your Heartrepreneur® based business brand successfully.

Answers to The Most Common Questions About Branding

Q: What is brand?

A: Brand simply refers to the name, logo or symbol of a product or service that your company sells.

Q: What does brand mean?

A: Brand not only refers to the name or visuals you select to distinguish your products or services it also refers to the emotional connection you want your target audience and your customers to associate with your brand. 

Q: What does branded mean? 

A: When a company has done a good job of getting their products and services, as a separate and distinct brand into the minds of their target audience, then they have branded those products or services with a distinctive name, logo, meme or in some other distinguishing way and are considered branded assets.

Q. What is a branded title?

A: I chuckle even listing this question yet it is commonly asked at my live workshops.  You don’t brand titles in relation to marketing.  I can only guess that people are referring to some sort of branding that has to do with car titles?  I have been asked this question numerous time so I am assuming that some article or information was released that people have seen with the words branded title in it and this leads people to think this is marketing related.  It is not.  So don’t even think to ask me, “what does branded title mean?” because I would have no idea. And, yes, I have been asked that question before.

Q. What is a brand ambassador?

A. A brand ambassador works for your company to increase the awareness of your brand. They understand your mission, vision, values and company ethics. As a Heartrepreneur® based company the brand ambassador creates the heart-to-heart sales and marketing awareness of your brand making sure the brand image and message and perception you want created are exactly what is fostered in the hearts and minds of your prospects and customers.

Q. What is brand equity?

A. Brand equity is the value your company gets from the customers perceiving your brand as a recognizable name. This is why you want to make your brand recognizable and this is the true power of branding. You will make more money with proper branding.

Branding As A Heartrepreneur®

Now that you have clarity about what branding means and what it is how can you apply these concepts in your business? Remember that Heartrepreneurs® do things differently from average business owners. We use our hearts to make real, authentic connections with our target audiences and we maintain those same relationships with our customers and employees.

So, how does a Heartrepreneur® establish their brand? First, you decide what feelings you want your prospects to have about their experience with your products or service. When you are clear what that experience is and all the feelings, sounds, tastes, smells, emotions, touches and perceptions you wish to create in your audience, then you name your brand and create the right images or logos or memes to accompany your brand.

Next, you make sure you have brand ambassadors within your company (even if that is you) who create that experience with your brand for your prospects, customers, employees and even vendors.  This will be easy if you are being genuine and authentic.

Next, you do your marketing from your heart. Not the way most companies are marketing by pushing messages in front of people and putting up funnels and trying to hunt for customers. You put your brand directly in front of the people who have the problem your brand solves. You let them experience your brand for no cost or low cost – not trying to upsell them or “funnel” them up.  You allow them to make a connection with your brand. If you have done a good job creating the right products and services that truly solves a problem your customers want a solution for they will buy your brand.  If your brand does what it promises then they will keep buying from you and refer others to you.  This means your brand will begin to build buzz and your brand identity will begin to be widely recognized.

As you continue to listen to your customers and employees you keep refining your brand to be certain your brand continues to solve the problems of your customers and is up to date and recognized by the public.

Yep, that’s how a Heartrepreneur® does it.  No fancy sales and marketing required.

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