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You Get More Clients Now

Would you like to have a steady stream of clients in your business? Have you been struggling to get more clients to purchase your products, programs, and services?  As a business consultant, I understand the stress that comes from not having enough clients and income. I also know that every service-based business can be booked fully with little to no effort IF they truly understand how to gain more clients. I am going to reveal the 5 biggest tricks that I share with all my consulting clients.

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How To Get More Clients

The 5 Secrets Revealed

1. Actively participate in social media groups.
Linked In and Facebook offer groups where your ideal client might be hanging out. I have a Facebook group, as an example, where heart-based transformational business owners engage as a community. This is my exact target audience. If this was also your audience you would join the group and then post value to the group members. You would not be spammy or self-promoting. You might ask questions, respond to questions, comment and help people and create valuable, informative posts. My result from doing this on both LinkedIn and Facebook over the past six years? My company has been filled with client family members. We help them. We serve them. They join our programs, attend our events and enroll in our services without selling them or spending money on ads.

2. Create valuable blogs and articles.

You are reading my blog which is written to help you. You can’t miss this point! If you are an ideal prospective client family member who wants to make more money, or wants to have more free time and wants to serve more people heart-to-heart… then my blog gives you that information. As a blogger, you share your knowledge freely and your prospective client family members can then reach out to you.  I also suggest you write articles that get in front of your ideal target audience.

3. Grow your social media following.
Here’s an important insight! Social media expands your reach and gets your ideal prospects to know, like and trust you. When you create posts and videos of value that are helpful and speak to your target audience and relate to their problems and the outcomes they want, they see you as a credible expert and will connect with you.

4. Create an automated webinar filled with helpful information your target audience needs – NO pitch. NO selling.

Stay with me! Every single day we get prospective client family members rolling in from those who have watched our educational webinar and who know they need help and are ready to take action. They see that we have their solutions and we can help them.

5. Grow your email list and give subscribers value.

Contrary to popular belief, email is not dead. I love email because it is free and it is a wonderful way to keep in front of people who might want to do business you. I use my emails to keep my consulting business on the top of people’s minds and to give them more value, tips, tools, and strategies.

Your Turn!

Put these 5 tricks to the test right away. You may find you have more clients in a matter of days!  I hope this information was informative and helped you.

If you have another successful method of getting more prospects then share that in the comments down below. I am happy to share business consulting tips with you!



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