Terri is a business mentoring expert and the Chief Heartrepreneur® at Heartrepreneur® LLC. She is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, radio host, and appears regularly in the media as a business coaching and consulting expert.

Terri got fed up with how business was treating prospects, customers, employees, and vendors and decided to shift the business mindset and created the term Heartrepreneur® to overhaul how we do business today. Dr. Levine is disrupting how business owners communicate, sell, and market their businesses.

Her programs range from business coaching and business consulting, business training seminars for business owners, business coaching training programs to develop coaching skills, creating professional training courses for others in the field of business coaching and providing additional products and services to companies seeking support to become Heartrepreneur® based businesses.

She is shifting how business is done today and her heart-to-heart proprietary Heartrepreneur® based strategies are taking off like crazy. Her bestselling book, “Turbocharge How to Transform Your Business As a Heartrepreneur®” became an instant best seller among business owners around the globe.

All of Terri’s Heartrepreneur® programs shift leaders, employees, business owners, and entrepreneurs to a place of complete authenticity, transparency, and into heart-based communication.

I conduct training seminars, programs and courses to help people develop business coaching skills.

Through my processes, I love helping entrepreneurs become more profitable and increase their bottom line.

I am passionate about speaking to business owners about what tactics they can do to skyrocket their business.

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