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July 17, 2018

Considering Coaching? Want To Be a More Successful Coach?

My Post 1 300x300 - Advice To Become One Of The Best Life CoachesAre you considering a career as a coach?  Are you currently a coach who wants more clients?  This article is going to be very valuable if you fall into either of these categories.  Why? Many people are considering coaching as a career and don’t know how they are going to make money in the profession.  At the same time, many current coaches are still struggling with making a living as a coach.  In this article, I will take a serious look at the coaching industry. I will tell my perspective and share my experience as a professional coach who has been highly successful for over twenty years in the coaching industry and who has also certified over 5,000 coaches worldwide through my coach training school.  My story of success in this industry will assist you, I am sure.  And is the same information I share with my client family members and coach training students and certified Comprehensive Coaching graduates.

The Truth About Coaching

My Post 2 300x300 - Advice To Become One Of The Best Life CoachesI started in this industry knowing nothing about the field of coaching. Twenty plus years ago it wasn’t mainstream.  In fact, the first time I told someone I was a coach they asked me what team and what sport. I had no idea what to do to become a successful coach so I followed what I saw other coaches doing without knowing if they were making a serious living as a coach. I went to a coach training school to become a certified life coach and then I joined the international coach federation because the only path I could see at the time was to become follow what the other coaches in the profession were doing.

I felt going to a coach training program and getting coach certification was the way to have a successful coaching business.  I soon became a skeptic.  I recall during my training, I took a course called Million Dollar Coach. I was very curious about how to make money in this business and excited to learn from a presumed million dollar coach. In the first class, I asked the leader of the course how he made his first million.  He laughed.  He said, “No one is making a million as a coach”. Ths is when I realized I would NOT follow in the footsteps of what I was being taught by unsuccessful coaches and instead would do what I had previously done. I had already created million dollar businesses in other industries and I realized I probably knew more about making money than the people teaching these classes did.

I did finish my coach certification because I was deep in it and I also became a master certified coach through the coach federation still thinking this was important, at that time.  Looking back, I felt my training as a coach was valuable yet being part of the international coach federation and getting certified as a master coach was a waste of my money and time. Why?  Because companies that hired me never heard of this federation. I got corporate contracts for hundreds of thousands of dollars and they had no interest in the International Coach Federation (ICF) and had no clue what that even was. I lost interest in being a member of the ICF  because it was made up of coaches who took it upon themselves to certify other coaches. I also decided not to be aligned with the ICF as I discovered that most coaches who were part of this federation were not making a lot of money and really didn’t understand how to make six or seven figures in a business.  Although I was designated as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the ICF, I decided to give up my MCC and take those credentials off my bios and to focus on the true results I could produce for my client family members and not some credentials other coaches gave me. Instead, I decided to give my client family members the outcomes they wanted and decided to guarantee results for my client family members whether I was doing executive coaching or personal life coaching or business coaching.  I realized no one hired me because of the certification and people hired me because I got them the results they wanted. This is a major distinction I hope you will actually make a note of if you seriously want success in the profession of coaching.

What I Discovered

My Post 3 300x300 - Advice To Become One Of The Best Life CoachesI stopped listening to all the unsuccessful ICF coaches and decided to build a business the way I knew how to and had already proven successful with. I decided to design my business starting with how I wanted to design my life as a business owner who happened to be a coach. I looked at the time I wanted to work and established a schedule. Then I set goals for my business based on the income I wanted to earn and the number of hours I wanted to work. I determined the number of sessions I wanted to do each week and the outcomes I wanted to deliver for my client family members.

The result? I created a half million business in the first year – over twenty years ago. In the second year in my business, I did over million dollars in business and I have averaged about 3 million a year since.  I have been called one of the top business coaches and was named the top female personal coach by  I a not being braggadocious here.  I am saying you can follow in my success and touch the lives of so many people if you follow my success formula. You can enjoy being a coach and at the same time make a huge impact on client family members and have money to also make a difference for your family, charities, your communities and have free time for vacations and life!

The Success Formula

My Post 1 1 300x300 - Advice To Become One Of The Best Life CoachesWhat did I do to achieve the success I have achieved in the coaching industry?  I am going to share how I got my first 30 clients in 30 days and how I now help other coaches to create six and seven figure businesses fast.  I have dedicated the last 15 years of my life to giving back to the world of business that has been so good to me and revealing all my “secrets” and openly sharing my success to help others do the same.  Success in this industry is duplicatable and repeatable.

Let’s first go back and understand my journey. When I began in this industry over 20 years ago social media did not really exist. MySpace was popping up. Stagnant websites were the only thing we had online.  Blogging had not yet begun, either. I had to begin doing things without the Internet. From the first day, I decided to make a business as a coach. I did what I had done to create the other million dollar business I had created.

I picked up the phone and called everyone I knew. Once I got them on the phone and told them about my business and invited them to be a client family member.  I also wrote an article for a magazine from the profession I had just left (healthcare) and talked about turning your passion into coaching. At the conclusion of the article in my byline, I  offered a free report to any reader who phoned me and requested the report.  And call me they did.  125 people called me in 3 days.  I personally took every call and was returning voicemails non-stop. I chatted with each person and offered my services and mailed out the report (downloading files was not yet something we were able to do back then).  I also mailed 15 very personalized letters offering my services to people and businesses I was familiar with and did not have phone numbers for.

Those were my only actions.  These actions resulted in me having 30 client family members in 30 days and a waiting list of client family members right behind them.

I changed this formula for the coaches I train today? Why? Because now we have the huge advantage of social media and can create a six-figure coaching business quickly IF you understand the RIGHT actions to take and if you understand NOT to trade time for money doing individual coaching sessions.

What do I tell the coaches and consultants I work with now?  How are they to become six and seven figure earners?  Here is the step by step process I give them that results in their success.  I will tell you that if you follow my very simple formula you, too, will have the success they have and I have.

  1. Select a very specialized niche – this can be anything from being a life coach for women to choosing to be a business coach for accountants or to be a health coach for women over 40 who want to have more energy. Pick a niche that you have expertise and familiarity in and where you actually know people you can contact and offer your services to.
  2. Find out the number one outcome your niche wants to receive by actually asking them and not guessing.  Most coaches guess and really don’t spend time asking and surveying the niche and don’t know the real outcome they want. This step is critical to your success so do not skip this step.
  3. Create a high ticket signature coaching/consulting program to help your niche achieve their results and then be certain you have a process that will result in those outcomes.  Most coaches have no program, no process and end up on sessions with people chatting away and getting nowhere. People don’t remain. People leave searching for another coach or consultant to help them. You need to stop thinking about trading time or money and design a program that will give small groups of people real results. This program must be a signature program that only YOU can offer and provide. Watch this transformational webinar right now and then chat with us so we can show you how to do this. This is pivotal to your success.
  4. Guarantee the outcomes.  If you really can’t help your client family members get results, as far as I am concerned no one should be paying you a dime.
  5. Decide how to deliver the program. Remember, small groups. Why? Otherwise, you are saying the same things over and over again to client family members. In my small group programs, my client family members get results MUCH faster from the synchronicity of the group members. I spend a few hours a week helping a group of people get real results instead of client family member session after session making minimal progress.
  6. Set up a great training webinar that is high value and will help your niche learn what they need. Again, watch this webinar and model it.
  7. Automate the webinar just as I have so prospective client family members can watch it at their leisure.
  8. Share the webinar on social media, and feature the webinar on your website.
  9. Start your own Facebook group for the niche you have selected and provide content and value for your group.
  10. Offer the webinar to your facebook group.
  11. Change all your social media profile cover photos on Facebook to feature the webinar.
  12. Join 2-3 groups where your niche hangs out.
  13. Post value to those groups and engage with those groups.
  14. Do a facebook live every day for 30 days. Treat the lives as if they are webinars and on each one provide more value and training to your niche.
  15. At the end of the lives and of your webinar offer a consultation that is not a sales pitch in disguise.  Truly consult and see if you can help a prospective client family member and if you can offer your services and if not see if you can make a referral so they can get the help they do need.
  16. Connect your calendar to the end of your webinar and allow people to schedule.


My formula works. No matter the niche you pick. I have helped coaches in every niche including women business coaches and male corporate coaches to partners doing executive coaching. Over 5,000 coaches trained and a few hundred consultants trained with results that make a huge difference to their bottom lines and ability to help more client family members they serve.

I recommend you follow the formula. Successful coaches like Jenn Scalia have learned how to be more visible as a coach and you can, too!

I am here to help YOU!

Watch the webinar and let’s chat.

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