Are Television Ads Too Expensive? Guess Again!

Are Television Ads Too Expensive? Guess Again!


Contrary to popular belief, television ads are not too expensive. In fact, they are a crucial marketing strategy for any business due to their ability to reach a wide audience. The high return on investment for television ads makes them a cost-effective way to advertise products and services.

Welcome to another informative episode of “Digital Marketing For Coaches & Consultants” with host Dr. Terri Levine. In this episode, Terri delves into the effective length of a television ad and why using a client case study is an effective approach. She also shares tips on how to maximize the impact of television ads through strong calls to action and compares the advantages of television ads over other forms of advertising. 

Tune in for valuable insights and strategies to enhance your marketing efforts.

Key Highlights From The Episode:

[0:30] Introduction to the episode

[0:58] Today’s focus; Television ads

[1:15] The key to a successful television advertisement

[1:31] What is the most effective length for a television ad?

[1:52] Why it is preferable to use a case study from a client as an ad

[2:10] Getting the most out of TV ads through strong calls to action

[2:39] What’s the pricing of a professional quality ad? 

[3:43] The advantage of Television ads compared to other types of ads

[4:01] Terri Levine’s final words

Golden Nuggets:

  • It is preferable to use a case study from a client as an ad because people can live vicariously through the other person’s case study or testimonial. Moreover, it builds your credibility and instantaneously takes away your prospect’s fears.  [1:48]
  • The ad should have a powerful call to action that your prospect can take action on immediately because immediacy is key to television ads [2:10]
  • With television ads, you get a very high ROI; more than you do with other ads. [3:43]

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Full Transcript:

Hello, welcome back to The Modern Coaching Method Podcast with your host, Dr. Terri Levine. I am so glad that you’re here today because I’m going to talk about something that we use in our marketing arsenal to get a conveyor belt of qualified prospects every day for ourselves and for our client family members that I bet you are not using. And it might sound expensive, and it isn’t. It’s television ads. You might say, “Well, I can’t afford television?” Well, I have to tell you that television ads can actually make you a lot of money. And I know a lot of my client family members are knocking it out of the park with television. 

The key to success — if you’ve watched other Modern Coaching Method episodes, and if you haven’t, be sure to subscribe — is testing, testing, and testing, and being as conservative as possible with your testing. So, let me tell you that a television ad really needs to be very short; 30 seconds, 60 seconds cost even more money. And you don’t need to spend money on a fancy Hollywood-style commercial with hundreds of thousands of dollars invested. Literally, we take a case study from a client family member, and we use that because it’s really powerful. People can live vicariously through the other person’s case study or testimonial, feelings, and images. And it also builds your credibility, instantaneously takes away your prospect’s fears, and the ad can have a very strong call to action.

So, what kind of things work well? A free something, a free download, a free book, a free eBook, a free session, a free examination. Whatever it is you do, something that your prospect can take action on immediately, Immediacy is key to television ads. Now, let me tell you how to do this and keep your costs really, really low. A professional quality ad, I’ve paid anywhere between 250 to $500 for, and you can go to Upwork, you can go local. One of my client family members had someone do it for $99. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you just want to make sure that the ad is professional, right? You don’t want something on television that looks shoddy. 

By the way, this is my little secret, I negotiate about 50% of what’s quoted because there’s always a lot of padding in there. And then, we run the ad. And if we don’t get the specific response, we run the ad again, and we run the ad a little bit more. So, what I typically have done is I’ve gone to a TV company like a cable company here in Pennsylvania where I live, Comcast, I’ve paid them to create the ad as a part of my television ad campaign. Only run your ads truly on local stations. Even though we’re a global company, we run local. 90% of the cases that I have seen with television ads is that you get a very high ROI;’ return on investment, more than you do by email, by social media ads and things like that. 

I still give television a try, put it in your mix of media. Make sure that you have watched the other Modern Coaching Method episodes prior to this one, especially the ones on the coaching journey, that will really help you. And if you haven’t, make sure you watch. I’ve given you a free master pass to the training of Six Figs In Six Months. Any questions? Ask, I’ll be happy to help you. Bye now.

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