Content marketing is a great way to attract qualified prospects to your business. But if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your content, it’s important to have a well-designed landing page.

A landing page provides a platform for you to showcase your products and services in the most effective way and attract qualified prospects. Its purpose is to get more people to know, like, and trust your brand, which brings you a conveyor belt of qualified prospects.

Join the conversation with your host Dr. Terri Levine as she discusses the purpose of your landing page/funnel/homepage. She also gives tips to make your digital marketing bring you a conveyor belt of qualified prospects.

Tune in for amazing insights!

Key Highlights From The Episode:

[0:34] Episode introduction

[0:48] What happens when people visit your funnels, website, and landing pages? 

[1:04] Examples of no-risk offers that you can give your prospective clients

[1:37] Examples of low-risk offers

[2:24] What is the purpose of your landing page/funnel/homepage?

[2:36] Episode wrap-up and call to action 

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Full Transcript:

Hello, and welcome. It’s good to have you here at the Digital Marketing for Coaches and Consultants Podcast. Today, I want to talk to you about content marketing. It’s going to be short, it’s going to be sweet, and it is a game changer. So, as people are coming into your funnels, your websites, your landing pages, if they’re done correctly, you’re going to have a percentage of people who go for the no-risk offer, which, if you’ve read my book; That Conversion Equation, is where you want people to start.

The no-risk offer can be a phone call, it can be reading a blog article, it can be downloading a checklist or a template, it can be listening to your podcast, it can be getting a newsletter, whatever that might be. Those are no-risk. And, in my experience, about 75% of the people coming to your landing page, your website, they will take that no-risk offer. Then you’re also going to have people that you’re going to want to give a low-risk offer, and that’s where I see most people kind of mess this up and they don’t do it.

You can have an ebook for sale. It can be $10, it can be 99 cents. You could sell some special reports, some templates, some checklists. Whatever it is, you can sell for under $10. Why? Once people take out their credit card, and they’re like, “I’m going to invest in your stuff, it looks kind of interesting,” those people are really getting to know you. The people who are taking the freebie offer, they have about a 23% chance of buying at some point. The people who get to know you and invest that 10 bucks in your products or services, they’re actually getting to like you and to build more trust and rapport with you.

So, if you think about what is the purpose of your landing page, or your funnel, or your homepage of your website, it is that no-risk, low-risk. Let’s get more people to know you, to like you, and then to trust you. And that kind of leads down to more customers, more client family members. So, let me ask you a question. Are your landing pages your funnel and your homepage bringing you a conveyor belt of qualified prospects every single day? That’s what we have here, and that’s what we do for our client family members. Keep listening to the podcast, subscribe. Do me a favor, give us a great review.

We’d love that. Share the podcast. And, if you want some help, just raise your hand with the link that we’re including here, and we’ll be happy to help you. That’s what we do. Let’s get your digital marketing bringing you a conveyor belt of qualified prospects. Put these tips in place right away, and I’ll see you next time here at Digital Marketing for Coaches and Consultants. Bye now.

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