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BlogWhy The Ascension Model Is Flawed

January 24, 2018

Have you heard of the ascension model?  This is what many “mentors” are telling people makes sense in their coaching and consulting businesses.  It is partially why so many consultants and coaches are not earning six and seven figure incomes.  Let me explain what the model they are telling you to use is and then explain why this model is flawed and you need to avoid it.

Adobe Spark 7 300x300 - Why The Ascension Model Is FlawedThe ascension model is based on what is called a marketing funnel.  The concept is that you get people to enter into your world by offering them something very low cost and then hoping to later move them into higher priced programs and services.  This means you attract low-quality leads and with a low-priced offering you can’t get them great results and they are not that serious about results as they are not willing to invest in the results.  Ultimately, you have provided a band-aid.  Many “fake experts” will say to create free offers to attract leads into this funnel.  Again, the hope is a person investing nothing will eventually become a client family member.

Why is this an issue?  Now you are attracting leads that want a low-cost or free offer and you are spending your time and money creating free or low-cost offers.  That model has coaches and consultants working really hard with almost no income.  Instead of doing work that creates real results for people who are invested in your programs and services you are left with leads who aren’t interested in paying you for real results.

Instead, you want to focus on client family members who happily will pay you for results.  Instead of focusing on low-end offers and getting low-end clients, spend your time concentrating on the premium level of your funnel only. Your efforts should only be on designing and marketing your high-ticket, signature premium coaching, and consulting packages.  Why?  That is where 90% of your income will come from and how you will create a six and later seven figure business.

Only by helping client family members create transformation will you be able to truly help them and get paid for the results you deliver to them.  Give client family members real results and end being a “fake expert”.  The industry has enough of them!

And if you believe you have to help everyone then here is what I say… make six or seven figures first and then help the world for free!  Take care of your own income first.

In the past 20 or so years, I have helped thousands of people and made a huge difference to the coaching and consulting industries. My clients get real results and transformation.  I focus on the right things with the right client family members.  I don’t spend time and energy enrolling people into low-end and free offers.  I don’t do free sessions hoping people will hire me.

My experience, training over 5,000 coaches and consultants, is that when they do a low-end model they are overwhelmed and have little income to show for all their work.

The solution is simple. Create your business to provide real results and transformation with high-ticket, premium signature coaching and consulting programs only.  Combine what you love into a program.  My programs consist of training, coaching, mentoring, consulting and even humor.  I love my client family members and they love my programs because they get real results.

Want help creating your high-ticket signature program?  Here is free help with no-strings.


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