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December 22, 2016

Call Us Crazy…

I just finished writing a book, The Ultimate Game Plan: PowerUp Your Consulting Business And Skyrocket Your Revenues, (after over a year!) with my business partner at Business Consultant Institute, Pete Winiarski.  This book has been a labor of love.  We put our hearts and souls and all the business consulting and business coaching and business leadership knowledge into this book… we are so proud of this nearly 300-page book… so why are we giving away paperback copies and buying them from Amazon and shipping them to you?…

We might just be crazy!

We wrote this book because both of us have 7-figure consulting businesses and we know how to do this and we’ve helped the clients in our mastermind to achieve this kind of result, also.  We know how to help consultants, coaches, and business leaders crush it and build or re-build their consulting business … and frankly, doing this is something we are passionate about.

So we decided to have some fun and for a short time before the book is in bookstores and on Amazon (we are in pre-launch), we decided to give away copies (you only pay a tiny bit for admin and shipping and zero for the book!).

TUGP Cover 300x220 - Authors Gone Crazy! Giving Away Their Book Free!We know our experiment is pretty radical and yet we thought it would be fun to give away the book and allow people to access the information that will transform so many businesses.  This is what our goal is in writing the book so now we want to get the knowledge in the book into as many hands as we can.  This is like a “bible” for business consulting and coaching.

Get yours in a New York minute while we are doing this and share with everyone you know who is a business consultant, business coach, or in business.  The book will be of massive value for all of them.




After you have read the book we hope you’ll give us a review on Amazon and let us know the key takeaways for you and what you will be applying from the book to shift your business.


It is really fun giving away our book!


What do you think of our craziness?  Let us know by commenting.

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