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January 18, 2016

Todays Best Digital Marketing Strategies


Small business owners need to know which online marketing strategies are effective in bringing them business and which have the best return on investment. Over the past decade or so more and more online choices have been introduced into the digital marketing space making it difficult for business owners to know which digital strategies are the right ones for them to select. While most business owners agree that they need to use internet marketing there is still a great deal of confusion about what types of internet marketing and which social media marketing platforms are best to bring in new business and actually are worth the time, energy and perhaps money involved. Here’s a summary of the top digital marketing strategies I recommend for my small business clients.

Todays Top Digital Marketing Strategies


1. Every small business must have a website that is updated regularly and that is optimized to for mobile devices as well as tablets. A website is the main strategy for every business and should be search engine optimized and include a blog, a click to call phone number and a contact form as well as a lead generation form or opt in form.

2. LinkedIn is the primary social media platform that a business needs for social media because this is where your target business audience will be hanging out. You must be active on LinkedIn and interact with prospects and customers regularly and also monitor your reviews and reputation on LinkedIn. You also want to respond to messages quickly there. I recommend you also join groups that are relevant to your industry and maybe even start your own LinkedIn group as well.

3. Facebook might be relevant and you should consider a Facebook business page with a click to call app.  You need to post regularly on Facebook and respond to comments as well. If you are not going to be active, don’t set up a page. Join groups on Facebook as well. Groups need to have your target audience as their members.  Also begin a group with your target audience and post regularly to your group, too. Posts should never be sales oriented.  They should always be educational and show how you, or your business, is clearly positioned as the industry expert to turn to.

4. Business listings are also very important. You want to have your business listed on as many business directories as possible so potential customers can discover your business when searching the internet.

5. Google maps is a very important part of your online marketing strategy.  Potential customers find businesses by searching Google to find businesses and often look at maps listings first. Many people use cell phones and use Siri and Google for results so Google maps is now critical for your business to be found first.



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