Boost Your Business with These 10 Digital Marketing Tips!

Boost Your Business with These 10 Digital Marketing Tips!


Digital marketing serves as a vital pillar for small businesses seeking to flourish amidst competitive landscapes. It empowers such enterprises to effectively reach their desired audience and foster a robust online presence.

In this engaging episode, Dr. Terri Levine imparts 10 key digital marketing tips tailored for small businesses. She sheds light on the gamut of topics ranging from crafting an impactful, visually stimulating website to harnessing the potential of search engine optimization (SEO) – thus, decoding the success mantra in the realm of digital marketing.

Gain insights into bridging connections with prospects, disseminating valuable content via social media, and captivating your ideal audience with compelling narratives.

At the heart of triumphant digital marketing lies data-driven decision-making. Dr. Terri Levine uncovers how diligent tracking and analysis of your data leads to informed decisions, resulting in the efficient allocation of your time, money, and resources.

Key Highlights From The Episode: 

[00:48] 10 Digital marketing tips for small businesses 

[00:55] #1 Develop a strong website

[01:08] #2 Utilize Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)

[01:26] #3 Use social media platforms to connect with prospects and to share value & education

[01:40] #4 Create valuable content 

[01:52] #5 Analyze and track your data

[02:10] #6 Email marketing 

[02:28] #7 Use influencer marketing 

[02:43] #8 Invest in paid Ads

[03:08] #9 Use A/B split testing to optimize your website, landing page, social media performance, and marketing campaigns

[03:24] #10 Be mobile friendly

[03:39] Connect with us;

Golden Nuggets:

  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and also mobile friendly on all devices [00:59]
  • When developing content for your ideal target audience, focus on content that will engage them [01:46]
  • Analyzing and tracking your data enables you to make data-based decisions that save you time, money, and energy [01:55]
  • When doing digital marketing, ensure all your marketing content (Website and social media) is 100% mobile friendly because most of the world is using mobile devices [02:55]

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Full Transcript:

Hey, there, Dr. Terri Levine here. Welcome to Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. And I hope that you’re enjoying the podcast. Give us a five-star review, share, let’s serve more people and make a difference together. Today, I want to go over some of my digital marketing tips for your small business. So, I’m going to give you 10 of them. The first one is to develop a very strong website. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and also, check that it is mobile-friendly on all devices. Tip number two is utilize SEO; search engine optimization. You want to make sure that your website and your content is accessible for search engines.

And so, you’ve got improved visibility and you can get more traffic on your website. Third, for sure, you want to be using social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., etc., to connect with prospects and to share value in education. Fourth is create valuable content, that goes back to educational content. Develop and share relevant content for your ideal target audience that will engage them. Number five — this one a lot of people miss — analyze and track your data.

I love Google Analytics, and I can see the performance of my digital marketing, and I can make database decisions which can make a big difference, and also save me a lot of time, money, and energy. Number six: Email marketing. Oh my gosh, it costs nothing to send emails, take advantage of that. Build a targeted list, send personalized messages, create a lot of value for the folks that you’re emailing, and make sure that you’re taking good care of people on your email list. Number seven: Use what I call influencer marketing. What is influencer marketing? Collaborate with influencers in your industry. Maybe be on their podcast, write articles for them, be interviewed on Facebook Lives.

Number eight: 100% invest in paid ads. We can help you with that here at Heartrepreneur Agency. Google ads, YouTube Video ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads. They will drive so many more conversions, I have statistics that’ll blow you away. If you want to have a conversation with us, go over to heart, and we’ll see if we can help you. One of the things a lot of people don’t do, and this is tip number nine, we use A&B split testing here at the agency to optimize things like your website, your landing pages, your social media performance, all your marketing campaigns. That way, we make sure we’re maximizing what works and we get rid of what doesn’t. And number Ten: Be mobile-friendly.

Make sure all of your marketing content, website, your social media is 100% mobile-friendly because most of the world is using mobile devices. I hope those tips have helped you. Jump on over to Heartrepreneur Agency, we’d love to help you further. Bye for now, we’ll see you here next time at Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants.

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