Boot Camps, Challenges & Masterclasses

Boot Camps, Challenges & Masterclasses


Feeling weary from one-to-one selling and seeking a more rapid lead generation method? Dr. Terri Levine has just the answer for you! In the episode at hand, she uncovers the potential of hosting events like boot camps, challenges, and master classes. These potent sessions do more than just turbocharge your lead generation – they propel you forward towards your financial targets.

While the prospect of organizing a 3-day challenge may seem overwhelming, Dr. Terri Levine simplifies it into achievable steps. She offers crucial insights on how to craft a challenge that captivates and makes a significant impact.

Join us in this episode to unearth the secret to explosive lead growth, and elevate your business to unprecedented levels.

Key Highlights From The Episode: 

[00:34] Intro

[00:42] Today’s theme; Holding boot camps, challenges, and masterclasses

[01:00] What holding boot camps, challenges, and masterclasses can help you achieve 

[02:34] What you need to do to set up a 3-day challenge

[03:23] The ransom repeat method

[04:15] Final words

Golden Nuggets:

  • Holding boot camps, challenges, and masterclasses shifts you from selling one to one and generates leads much faster [00:48]
  • When setting up a challenge, think of the content that your target audience is excited to learn and break it into three days [02:32]

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Full Transcript:

Welcome back to Done For You: Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. I’m your host, Dr. Terri Levine. Today, I want to talk about holding a bootcamp, a challenge, a masterclass if you need more leads. This is going to shift you from selling one-to-one and all those phone calls that you don’t want to be doing with all those tire kickers, you know who they are, and generating leads much faster for you. Bootcamps and challenges, masterclasses, workshops, whatever you decide to call it, can literally earn you about another $20,000 per month based on my client experiences and my own, and it can generate hundreds of leads.

And, in fact, one of my client family members has almost 700 leads from her challenge, and she only did that in three days. So, I’ve seen, typically, leads of about 200 to 700 every single time myself or one of my client family members does a challenge. And, in my experience, it’s still the best way to convert leads into clients. Now, I want you to think about this, it doesn’t matter if you have a small list of a couple of 100 people or thousands of people, it doesn’t matter if you have a big social media presence or a small presence. Most of my clients typically earn about $20,000 in three days on challenges.

If you follow an exact formula, if you teach high content with massive value, and then, if you know how to make an offer so that people are going to say yes. So, in three short days, typically, my client family members, not only are generating hundreds of leads, they have an extra 20 grand in their pocket. Now, typically, I’ve only shared this whole formula with some private clients, etc, I just want you to be able to get leads fast. So, let me explain what you’re going to need to do to get a three-day challenge set up. You’re going to have to think about content that your target audience really is excited to learn.

And then, you’re going to break up that content into three simple days. To increase the show-up rates, you’re going to create some powerful emails and texts that can go out. You’re going to be able to deliver your content just with the use of a phone and nothing more. And then, you’re going to embed what your offer is going to be every single day of your challenge. If you have a bigger list, it doesn’t mean you’re going to have bigger profits, it’s a matter of getting the right people who are highly interested on your challenge, and then, making an offer with no selling because you’ve created so much value in those three days that people are very excited to take you up on your offer.

By the way, this is what I call a rinse-and-repeat method, which means it’s not a launch, you just do this over and over, and over again, once a month like some of my client family members do. So, I want you to take advantage, if you want to do it faster, of a rapid challenge builder that I put together to engage people, to be persuasive with no selling. If that makes sense for you, I do have a masterclass you can take. And if not, it doesn’t really matter, you have enough information here to move you forward. So, I want you to start generating leads right this minute. I want you to take advantage of understanding that it’s very simple.

It’s three-day challenges using this rinse-and-repeat formula. Stop those individual calls. If you want help, just ask, we are here to help you. Make sure you’re subscribed. Tune in, and never miss an episode. And we love your five-star reviews and when you share Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. I’m your host, Dr. Terri Levine. Thank you for tuning in, and I’ll see you next time.

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