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BlogBranding Strategy Can Determine Your Marketing Success

December 12, 2015

Top Branding Strategies

brands 300x188 - Branding Strategy Can Determine Your Marketing Success

Every company must have branding strategy for successful marketing. Top branding strategies include being in deep connection with clients or customers. It is critically important that your brand instantly make a connection with your prospects and that whatever your company stands for or stands again is clearly stated in your print and on-line materials.  Your company mission, vision and values should clearly state to potential consumers who you want to attract to do business with you and relate very clearly to your ideal target audience. Another top branding strategy is to connect with your target consumers using mobile technology. Most consumers are viewing brands on mobile devices these days. Everything from smartphones, tablets to Apple Watches and even Fitbit’s.  How can your brand begin to make your consumers happy and reach them on their mobile devices?

Other branding strategies include using social media because the power of having recommendations on social media creates influence. Friends influence friends. Consumers still rely on recommendations from friends and family to discover brands. They choose where to eat, where to vacation and which professionals to pick based on these recommendations. Podcasts, blogs, social media posts and forums as well as review sites are major venues for brand loyalty. Today social proof is one of the most important forms of creating buzz for your brand.

brandstrategy 300x300 - Branding Strategy Can Determine Your Marketing SuccessBrand Strategy

Your brand isn’t just your logo or a slogan. Brand strategy is the comprehensive experience your customers have when doing business with your company. A brand is a living-breathing personality that conveys the essence of your company.

Branding is how you differentiate your company in your marketplace and how you stand apart from your competitors and how you bring your Core Unique Positioning Statement to life.


If you are serious about growing your business you will understand that branding and marketing go hand in hand. One company that has expertise in this area is Prophet which is a brand strategy consulting firm. Prophet brand strategy focuses on four key areas: branding, marketing, design and innovation. These form the solid foundational areas of building a marketing position and brand architecture for your business.


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