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26th September 20170

Something happened recently that caused me to ponder the question; What standards do you hold you and your business to?

I’m sure you all are saying…I make the best quality product; I offer the highest quality service.
That is awesome, yet there is another set of standards that are crucial to being a true Heart-repreneur®.
I am referring to a set of intrinsic standards. Webster’s states that intrinsic is the true nature of a thing, not dependent on any external circumstances. The second definition is related to anatomy…located within.
So I ask, what are your intrinsic standards..those that are part of your true nature, that come from within?
Still not sure what I mean?
I’m referring to a set of three questions that you should ask yourself if you wish to maintain the highest of standards as an Heart-repreneur®.
1. Is what I am doing, or about to do, legal?
2. Is what I am doing, or about to do, ethical?
3. Is what I am doing, or about to do, moral?
Very sadly, to me, to the Chief Heart-repreneur®, and others here..many businesses of all types are only concerned with the profit line AND nothing else.
Recently, a troll set out to damage the reputation of Terri. As many of you quickly realized, the harm was caused by one that created a fake profile to hide the source. It’s obvious that person did not have very high intrinsic, or inherent, standards.
Was creating that fake profile legal?
It’s against Facebook policies, but not illegal.
Was it unethical?
In this case, highly unethical to hide behind a false profile to disseminate lies.
Was it moral?
Heelllllll No. To set out to cause harm to another, with no reason or basis, is highly immoral. Since this person went on one of Terri’s pages and wrote that gross set of lies and the person is known to some of us….legally Terri could sue him for libel.
A side point here…as I’ve stated before, I see and know things most don’t. As soon as I saw the fake profile, I knew who it was. T has a world-class computer tech as part of her team who was able to track that profile to its source…the one I already knew it was.
This is an example of one that is only concerned with his wallet, and nothing else. What did he gain from this? He allowed his greed to move him to do this.
He has acted in a similar fashion in the past. We all know how astute T is, however, this Mr. Slick was able to con her big time. After he was cut off, he is so slick, T gave him another chance but cut off any connection to him before he could do as much damage this time.
If that is your style, then maybe you belong elsewhere. (I shouldn’t speak for others, but I’m about 100% sure she will agree.)
In the majority of the business world, it is difficult to maintain those inherent high standards. Because of what others are doing, it can be tempting to stop at the first question; Is it legal?
That temptation can be emphasized by your customers… Who’s ever gonna know? Hey, we will both make money this way… It’s on the shady side, but you won’t be prosecuted.
It can be very difficult to separate and answer yes to those three questions. They seem to be intertwined. Yes, they do seem to be that way, but stop and ponder them if you have doubts. Often, if you have any doubts about your answers in a given situation, then your answer should be no…because it is infringing on your standards from within.
Intrinsic..not dependent on external circumstances… It doesn’t matter what anyone else does you MUST maintain Your standards for Your personal and business health.
A few years ago I took college classes to be a paralegal. In the courtroom you often see those lines blurred.
Please keep in mind that most legal TV shows have so many illegalities and inaccuracies written into the script for a better show, but there are some truths.
A common occurrence is for the defense attorney to malign and impugn the character of the plaintiff, or witness.
Is it legal?
Yes, it is, as long as the attorney states no lies or causes his client to lie under oath.
But you say that must not be ethical…
Wrong…it has been determined to ethical by the American Bar Association and the American Paralegal Association. A section in both ethics books, yes I read both, states that the attorney and his staff MUST do ALL in their abilities to attain the client’s desired outcome. If not they can be sanctioned by their oversight boards, including losing their license to practice.
Wooowwww, right.
Now comes the last question….is it moral? Is it the right thing to do?
This question is a troublemaker for those in the legal profession because that answer is often No. Many often go against their personal standards of the right thing to do at the risk of harming their health…or at least their ability to continue in the profession.
I’m sure some of us have been pressured into these quandaries. How does your heart feel when you give in? How does it feel when you remain resolute?
You may feel that your business will take a hit if you don’t give in. I don’t think it will long-term. Your name will become known in the business community you deal with as one that can make money, for both you and your customer, while doing the right thing. Doesn’t that feel wonderful?
You will be able to stand tall and proud. You will be able to sleep at night, not having to worry if someone is going to come knocking on your door or that others will find out you folded.
Personally, I would rather be broke knowing I did what was right than having a fat wallet with untreatable ulcers.
Tim James
Tim James has had a number of life experiences giving him a broad base of knowledge.
Tim is a friend to all. He enjoys learning and helping others.

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