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BlogChange Management: Facing Group Challenges as a Heart-repreneur®

November 2, 2017

Change is no longer an event that happens to people, teams or organizations. It’s now a constant in our lives as well as a business acumen. However, did you know that 70% of change initiatives fail? That’s why facing group challenges as a Heart-repreneur® will catalyze your success. The future of business is about the organization, the team, the group, or community and how smoothly they function as a whole while dealing with massive change. Can your team pivot quickly?

When your team can embrace change management as a skill set they become a powerful unified force and community of thought leaders and change makers. To grow more success we want to move beyond seeing an organization as a group of employees. Part of the hidden power of change management today is that it now includes Facebook groups, consumers and product fans, causes and movements, such as the movement, or any place where like minded individuals gather.

Adobe Spark 2 300x300 - Change Management: Facing Group Challenges as a Heart-repreneur®When change becomes a business skill set we call it disruption. Which simply means, we look for and focus on how to innovate and disrupt an industry, an ideology, a mindset or an acumen in order to improve the wellbeing or efficiency of something and serve for profits. This is how change becomes a super power for your business and organization.

However, what that also means is that your team or organization will benefit most when it values change management from the inside out. This is the Heart-repreneur® mindset. This requires personal development and the leadership of the individual. People who understand themselves better, become strong leaders and top performers. In fact, according to Forbes, “90% of top performers are considered to be highly self-aware.”

This means that if you want your organization to embrace change management, you’ll want to provide a place where personal change is part of what is embraced as a positive thing inside your group, business, or community. Looking at Heart-repreneur® as an example, in order to be a Heart-repreneur®, you’re focus is on changing “You” personally and professionally in regards to how you do business. This single yet, unified point of change is how a movement within an industry changes the world.

People who are within the Heart-repreneur® community embrace personal and professional change as part of their success. Creating a new focus or movement is a great way to help an organization embrace change management as a superpower. People love to be part of something that gives them a renewed sense of purpose or meaning. They are willing to embrace personal change when it benefits or betters the world.

When you think of an example such as Nike’s, “Just do it,” campaign, you can see how Nike is asking their consumer fan base to step up their game. Stepping up your game in increments of personal improvement over time. This is how Nike invited their consumer group to create a movement that catalyzed Nike’s success. This is the power of change management when we face challenges together as it invites personal development that benefits the individual and the world. In the Heart-repreneur® community, we have a code of values that creates change management for us.

Our Code of Values:

Valuing others as much as we value ourselves
Deeply tuning in during all conversations
Responding quickly and thoroughly
Being charge neutral and non-judgmental
Honoring each person as right in their beliefs
Keeping our word
Doing what we say we will do
Under promising and over delivering
Communicating any commitments or promises we may have broken immediately to the person we are in relationship with
Speaking openly and being fully transparent at all times
Using clarifying questions to be certain we fully understand
Never speaking around a person – directing what we have to say directly to the person

Client Centered Focus
Doing everything we can to foster long-term client loyal relationships
Always appreciating our clients and acknowledging them as our extended family
Having Fun Is Essential!

These values help us capture the motivations and essence of a highly self-aware and emotionally intelligent heart based leaders. It shows how we embrace change as a superpower and creates the Heartrepreneur® culture globally. This is change management for a movement or group.

If you want your group or organization to embrace change, it will be an essential aspect of your leadership to model your code of values to them consistently. Facing challenges as a Heart-repreneur® means seeing change management as an integral part of your community and welcoming it as a constant part of your business skill sets.

Vickie Helm is a founding partner at She’s a business development strategist and the bestselling author of Ultimate Freedom, Unlock the Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity.

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