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BlogColor Psychology Matters To Your Business!

19th October 20152

Color Psychology: Influencing Sales

Color Psychology

Did you know that understanding color psychology can make a big difference to your sales and marketing success? It is true that there is science to the psychology of color and that the colors you select in your marketing and branding and even in your retail location or on your website can make the difference between obtaining customers and closing sales.  Color impacts human emotions and behavior and influences decision making and your customer desire to spend money.  It is really important, as a business owner, that you take time to get a basic education on the psychology of colors.

Color Meanings

Colors are responsible for playing a role in purchasing and thcolor meaningserefore are used in by companies in their branding.  Colors give us perceptions and meanings and often we make quick decisions about a brand or product based on color alone.  There is a direct relation to how we perceive a brand based upon our perception of the color to the brand.  This means customers will perceive your brand through the colors represented and make a decision regarding your brand personality by the colors you select. In other words potential customers give color meanings in association with your brand.  This is exactly why color selection is incredibly important when creating your brand identity and why you really need to take the time to get some education in the psychology of color.

What Image, Feeling and Mood Can You Create?

The goal of the colors you select is to create a buying mode and to get your prospects ready to make a purchase.  You want your brand personality to establish that your brand can help your prospects and that when they buy your products or services they will have their needs met by having your products or services.  Your colors aid in persuasion.

Color is a marketing tool to have prospects see and feel marketing messages and act in the ways you want them to act and respond.  By understanding the psychology of colors you can enhance your marketing message and help your marketing results.

Knowing there is a psychology of color will put your color choices into more serious consideration and, hopefully, have you consider hiring a marketing expert to assist you with color branding choices. Color meanings are important and you will need to understand how colors influence people.  Surveys on color reveal that certain colors are associated with trust, security, speed, cheapness, high quality, high tech, reliability, courage, fun and even fear or terror.  What do you want your brand to be saying through color? Can you see how selecting the right color can impact your brand position?

So, how do you know which colors to select for your marketing?  Your business cards?  Your letterhead? Your logo?  Your website? Your office?  Your retail shop?  In my experience the best way to be certain is through focus group surveys with your exact target audience.  Not through guessing.  Testing will tell you for sure which colors work for your audience.

Got questions?  Post them and I’ll be happy to answer them for you!








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    It’s nearly impossible to find experienced people for this topic,
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