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26th October 20178

Colors – It makes this giant blue marble in space a lovely place to live.

This is a glorious time of the year for many of us. Autumn is so colorful. In the temperate zones, the broad-leaved trees are falling asleep, going dormant, for the winter. As part of that process, less nourishing sap flows to the leaves. So they start to die and change colors in the process.
I like to believe that here in New England we have the most vivid colors in our fall leaves. Look at most scenery calendars, the ones that identify the scene…most fall scenes are from New England. Most winter pics too.
What I really want to talk about are the colors of the color wheel..six colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. I’ll tell you what each color means/symbolizes to me.
First is red. To me, red is very hot passion, but because it is so hot it is unsustainable for burns itself out.
Yellow is the color of brilliance, illumination. It lightens our world, lighting up the darkness. It is necessary for life.
Orange is often the color our sun appears to be. It radiates warmth throughout what often seems to be a cold world. Without that warmth, our home will die.
Green is spring. It is the color of growth, new life, progress.
Blue is very serious, even somber to me. It feels heavy like you are walking with weighted boots.
At last, we come to purple, my favorite. I used to jokingly say because it’s the color of royalty. I have spoken with a couple Britishers and been told that my surname is full Brit and may be connected to “the peerage”..the Lords. And, my dad’s heritage is British from his mum and dad. So who’s laughing now? I’m just waiting for an unknown uncle to die and leave me a castle.
So how do I describes the color purple? A few years ago, one that was a friend asked me, “Tim, what is your favorite color?” Easy, it’s purple. “So describe it to me as if I’m a person that has never seen”. Whoa, I never saw that coming. I thought for about a minute, literally a minute.
So here’s my answer…
First, purple is a combination of red and blue. I described red and blue as above, then continued… Since purple is those two colors combined I see it as slow-burning, long-lasting passion. That passion is serious but doesn’t have the weight, the somberness of blue.
There are a couple other reasons why purple I special to me. I’ll come back to that.
As all are aware, every cause or organization, has selected a signature color. The organization for RSD/CRPS has chosen orange to be their color. November has been chosen as their month of awareness. November 1 has been selected as a day for all to wear orange to show support. I’m asking you to do this and post a pic for Terri and all with RSD, especially the kids. I may not be able to do that on the first, but I will put on orange for a vid.
With all the worthy causes, why did I choose to show support for this one? In a word… Terri. About three years ago I was wandering around FB…lost. Then..BOOM..there is Terri’s pic in front of me. We chatted a bit after we friended each other. She told me some things about me I didn’t know. Then being the awesome teacher that she is, she said, “Tim, there is a lot of info online. Why don’t you research this?” I listened…everybody listens to Terri. We stayed in touch. Chatting at times or talking through posts.
To shorten this a bit… if I never met T, I never would have met any of you. That beginning with T started me on my journey, my path, to find me. And now a few of you are my friends, as well.
Back to purple. It is the color for a number of causes. One is epilepsy. That’s personal for me. I have an unspecified seizure disorder…semantics..non-specified epileptic disorder. I’m fine. My last grand mal, a few years ago, happened in the middle of the busiest intersection for miles around. The anti-seizure med I’m taking now is working. I have an aura before, that will go into a seizure if I don’t do certain things to stop it. So far I’ve caught them all in time.
November is also epilepsy awareness month.
Purple is also the color of my wildfire, my overarching passion…domestic violence. This issue is a huge trigger for me. If I see an incident, or possible incident, happening my alter-ego…Taz.. instantly appears. To date, my stature and demeanor have stopped the situation from continuing. However, if the abusive fool doesn’t calm down quickly, Taz will do whatever it takes to stop it.
October is the awareness month for domestic violence, so wear some purple and tell others why you are wearing it.
Just a bit of color for your life.
Tim James
Tim James has had a number of life experiences that give him a broad base of knowledge.
Tim is a friend to all. He enjoys learning and helping others.


  • nan

    26th October 2017 at 10:15 pm

    Excellent Article Tim. I enjoyed your explanations for color – what they mean


    • Taz

      27th October 2017 at 9:12 am

      Thank you Nancy…for all your support.
      Love and huggzz


  • Vickie Helm

    26th October 2017 at 11:26 pm

    Taz…this is a stunning piece of work. I will wear orange Nov 1st in support of Terri and RSD, and post a picture of it. Then I will wear purple the other half of the day not only because it reflects the aspects of my heart that you so beautifully describe, but for my nephew who suffered from childhood epilepsy…thank you for sharing your brilliance!


    • Taz

      27th October 2017 at 9:15 am

      Thank you very much Miss Authoress…(just me being me)
      The support is appreciated. I have long wanted my writing to be seen…thank you Terri


  • Taz

    27th October 2017 at 9:18 am

    Vickie, thank you for your words…stunning..?!?
    Much appreciated, Miss Authoress..(me being me)
    I’ve long wanted some of my writing to be seen…thank you Terri


      • Taz James

        27th October 2017 at 2:37 pm

        It is my honor.
        Many thanks


  • Taz

    27th October 2017 at 9:20 am

    Oops dupe…learning new tech stuff


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