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BlogCompetition: Winning In Business And Life

October 24, 2017

Before I get started with this article, a couple things.

If any of you have a topic you would like me to write about…if I know the subject, I will. I always agonize over a topic.
Second, these articles may seem to be only business or only personal to many. However, these articles have principles or ideas that can be carried from one field to the other…if you read closely.
Adobe Spark 8 232x300 - Competition: Winning In Business And LifeCompetition. I must win! That could be said to be the core of the free-market capitalist society…in business and our personal lives.
It has often been said that the one who dies with the most toys wins.
I have also heard some financial historians state that money was created by the rich as a means of measuring themselves against each other.
Don’t go running away. You don’t know what I’m going to say. Oh well, if what you think I’m going to say scares you, then you probably should go.
I am not against competition, nor am I against one being rich. HOWEVER, much can be said about the means utilized to achieve your ends.
Personally, I like playing certain sports or card games. I want to play by the rules, with no arguments/fights over you cheated, or that was a dirty move…none of that attitude for me. It really does not matter to me if I win. Yeah, it’s nice to win. But for me, it’s about the enjoyment of the game while playing fairly and honestly.
How many have heard others say… I’m gonna get to the top, by whatever means it takes and I don’t care who gets in my way? That is why I never considered playing any sports outside of gym class in high school. Most were playing with the attitude of hungry, ravenous wolves. Not my nature.
It’s not the nature of the Chief Heart-repreneur® and those who have stated that they are Heartrepreneurs also. Do you all believe in competition? Of course, you do. Why else did you become an entrepreneur? But how do you compete? Do you lie, cheat, spread rumors about others in your field? If you do, I think it wise if you run…NOW, before Terri finds out.
You compete by offering a better product or service. Not everyone will like your product, service or you. So what do you do about that? Do you start yelling, screaming and denigrating all others that offer the same? Not if you are a Heart-repreneur®.
I have a friend that often says… When you sling mud at your opponent, you are losing ground. Think about that. It should come to you.
You compete and can become rich…if you want, by maintaining your standards..your personal ethics and morals of what is right. Your standards should be inviolable. Those highest of standards is what sets you apart from the riff-raff of the market.
Sometimes, some of your customers may not like you personally, but they continue to transact business with you. Why? Obviously, they don’t like your bubbly, shining personality, but you deliver exactly what you said you would..on time, on budget. That keeps them in business….they love that.
Something to keep in mind when you are marketing your brand…this may not seem to be on point. I’ll share with you an actual occurrence where I live.
For all of my life we have had a small community hospital serving a population, now, of about 70,000 people, estimated. The next closest hospitals are 20-30 miles away in different directions. No money was spent on advertising. Why should they? This was The hospital.
A few years ago, the local hospital was bought by a much larger hospital, that is actually owned by a multi-billion dollar, for-profit corporation. Guess what appeared almost immediately? Full page ads in the local paper stating how great the hospital is, or ads for the docs in the hospital, full-color brochures in every waiting area and wall racks in the halls.
You know what my very first thought was?  What are they trying to hide?
So, if you do public marketing of your brand, don’t get too slick with it. You will end up sliding on that slick right out of business. The hospital…its reputation is dropping. Hmmm.
Still thinking about how you lose ground when you sling mud.  Think about where you scoop that mud from…by your feet.
Tim James
Tim James has had a number of life experiences that provide him with a broad base of knowledge.
Tim is a friend to all. He enjoys learning and helping others.

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