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BlogHow Do You Create Posts That Are Actually Read And Go Viral On Facebook?

13th November 20171

Let’s start at the beginning.  What is a viral post?  In my estimation, this is a post that gets many likes, comments, shares and may become quotable.  I write a post, my friends read this post, they like, comment and share my post.  Then their friends and connections see the post.  If the post appeals to them, they may like, comment and share my original post.  If just a few of their friends share my post, it has then traveled way beyond the original post on my Facebook page.  The further the post goes from friends to their friends and so on, it becomes more viral.  Many now on Facebook have connected their other social media platforms to their Facebook page, as well as, their groups and other pages.   I recently connected my Facebook page to Twitter and Instagram.  For me, this provides me with a post to those sites at the same time I posting to Facebook. 

Small business owners would love to have their post go viral.  This would promote their business way beyond their scope in their current environment.  They get noticed more, which provides them with more opportunity to gain more new clients and referrals.  It helps with their branding and all of this is just accomplished just by a good post.  Recently, creating a post containing a video has been very useful.  Facebook likes videos and so do the people who read posts. 

How do you create a post that goes viral?  This is the million dollar question. There is no magic answer to this question.  First of all, you need to grab your reader’s attention. You have an idea and want to get it out there. The obvious – you must target the right audience – Make them curious to read the information you are providing. You need to arouse interest, curiosity, feeling, and provide value.

Speak to one person – not a group – or you guys.  Talk as though there is one person standing in front of you and you are sharing your knowledge with them.  You want to give them the best information you can provide.  Stay up-to-date on current trends.  Social media changes frequently and change is normal and ongoing.

If you provide enough value, you will gain followers.  I believe what my mentor told me, value is key.  Provide tips, articles, and quality business information.  You know what your clients need and want, provide as much of this as possible frequently.  Give them all the new information you gain, give them the best information you have.  Stay on top of what is happening and changing.  In between, send them fun posts.  I post memes with fun comments and/or business tips.

Talk about subjects that are trending today. This will gain you more clicks and if you continue to provide the same quality posts, articles, etc., you will attract a following. Example – Evergreen everything is on target today. It has become the current buzz word. The content will live on.  Since video is key today, take pictures and create videos that relate to this subject and post them with your own thoughts.  I periodically post Facebook Live events.

Post inspirational quotes – articles – memes. Posts with pictures are shared 2x more than text posts.   I have been doing this for some time. I find the views of these posts are large. People comment. I am researching what people like to see and hear. Celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, and Jim Rohn have quotes that are well known and loved. Flowers with inspirational comments draw attention as do babies and pets.  The quote and the celebrity draw their own following Heartfelt posts gain attention.  Pictures of hearts of any item bring feeling into your post. Speak from your heart.  Make your comments pertinent to the quote in the post while offering a connection to your reader.  I believe these posts are shared due to the motivational quality of the post.  Most people today need more spiritual and motivational information easily accessible. 

I see many posts today such as:   What is your motivation for today   ____________?  What will make you happy today ______________?  What is your plan for today ______________?  What do you do to help others _______________? I frequently find these posts on Facebook.  I have a friend who does this frequently and does get engagement on her posts.  Many of these have been noted as bucket list posts.  Like – What would you do if ___________?  What would you do if time and money were no object ______________?  What is your greatest problem _______________?

Several good places to check for trends – Reddit, twitter, google trends, Facebook, keyword tools.   Marketers check their subjects and product possibilities before they start working on them.  Google and Amazon are always good places to start.  If you find there is competition, you may have a good place to start.  You may have to target specifically so that you are not trying to use the same keywords as others. 

Use videos in your material. Creating a video today is so key and very easy to do.  You can use Facebook live, zoom,  I use Screencast-O-Matic.  I find it very easy to use and record both the screen and the picture from the webcam.  I then upload it to Facebook and/or YouTube. Combine it with your online posts. I find that adding some fun and spontaneity always improves interest and views. Be natural, laugh, move your hands around. I find practicing my videos, gives me the opportunity to improve the quality and more interest. It has helped me become more natural on video – I tend to be animated and my cohorts tell me that is the real me.  Gives me the opportunity to work past the stumbles and makes the end product smoother.  It actually becomes more natural and I own it.   Video today is another buzz word. Post a video online. I post to my Facebook page directly then upload it to YouTube.  Facebook live is excellent.  You can show your vulnerability in these posts. 

Create a Facebook page and group. You can link them together now. When your post gets higher views, try boosting it. It is best to post to your business page and share to your personal page.  This is an inexpensive way to run a test. Try testing the right timing for your videos. You will discover what length and subject work best for you. The challenge – Facebook changes its rules frequently, what works today may not work next week. This is the rule of the universe – change is constant. 

You are creating your posts to draw more interest in your brand and your products.   One thing that does not change is that providing value is key to everything…  You want more engagement, comments, and shares on your posts.  Pour your heart into this effort.  Share what feels right with you.  Don’t hold back.  Basically, in the end, you are looking for more interaction on your site, reaching more new people, and gaining more brand identity.  Go for the gold.  Give from your heart and work with your clients to help them do the same.

Nancy Woodward is a Business Consultant, Accountant, and Controller.  She is an author for Ezine Articles.   Her business page is

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  • Taz James

    13th November 2017 at 5:08 pm

    Nancy..Thank you.
    I have wondered how to get more seeing some of my posts that I believe can be of benefit to many.
    Vids and pics…our society is so hooked on visual instead of having to “work” by reading..part of the obsession with instant gratification.

    Have a great day


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