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PressCreating Your Ideal Body – A Permanent Process

January 13, 2015

Creating Your Ideal Body Is a Life Long Affair

Dieting is something that is temporary and typically leads to temporary weight loss. At Create Your Ideal Body, we have a process that leads to permanent weight loss. Permanent weight loss comes from living a life that is not depriving you of food and not forcing you to eat or not eat certain foods. Instead it is a natural, flexible, logical approach to being intentional and choosing foods by thinking and making decisions based on how hungry you are, what you feel like eating and knowing when you have had enough and recognizing there is always more and you can have it tomorrow or later.

When you decide to change your life and lose your weight permanently, then you are ready to toss away the diet books and articles and understand that dieting doesn’t work. If it did, there would be one diet and we wouldn’t have new diets popping up each week or each day. No diet has proven that it has worked. No diet has solid proof that it keeps weight off.

This is because diets don’t create sustainable life changes. Instead, you are forcing yourself to do something for a while and are waiting to go back to something else.   Create Your Ideal Body is based on making small, easy, effortless food and movement changes each day with no deprivation nor change, once the weight it off. It is about living!

If you haven’t yet taken action to give you dieting, think about all the diets you have tried… and failed at… go look at all the books in your bookstore… if one worked, why are there so many? Use your head and change your eating behaviors YOUR way!

Are YOU Defeating YOU?

Have you begun making eating and movement changes and then found that you weren’t able to stick with the changes?

Here are some coaching tips to assist you to stick with your plan and meet your goals:

Coaching Tip:

Make small changes each day. Small actions will lead to large changes over time.

Coaching Tip:

Hang out with supportive people who will assist you.

Coaching Tip:

Spend time seeing and feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling your goals each and every day.

Coaching Tip:

Give up dieting and start eating – just eat less – it’s that simple.

Coaching Tip:

Focus on what IS working and what you are doing RIGHT. Stop focusing on what you did that wasn’t quite right.

Coaching Tip:

Celebrate your successes and give yourself a pat on your back often.


The 4-Steps to Creating YOUR Ideal Body – Part One

Being at the healthy weight you desire and staying there is really not a lot of work nor does it require will power. Loosing weight and keeping it off, comes from following a 4-step process each and every day.

Step One: Think BEFORE You Eat.

This means, before you take a huge plate of food from the buffet, or dive into your dinner, or eat crackers from the box, or ice cream from the freezer, you need to be conscious and mindful of what you want to eat, how hungry you are and to set your eating intention.

Is your intention to eat all the cookies? To eat all your dinner? To eat fast?

Or is your intention to enjoy your food? To eat slowly? To leave half for later or tomorrow’s lunch or snack?

Most overweight people eat without thinking. They plunge into their food without using their brains and this leads to behaviors they would not choose, if they had stopped to think.

I remember being offered a brownie, the other day. It wasn’t home made or from my favorite bake shop and it didn’t have nuts or frosting, which I love. If I hadn’t stopped to think, I would have popped those 200 calories right in my mouth.

Instead, I stopped and asked myself if I was hungry… if the brownie was something I really wanted… and if I wanted to take it or leave it. I decided to leave it. If I had been hungry and it was the brownie of my dreams, I might have decided to taste some now and have some after dinner. Think BEFORE you eat.

Step Two: Just Move!

All day long, we are primarily sedentary. We drive our cars, we sit on our sofa or chairs and we try to find ways not to move. We fight for the closest parking space. We look for the nearest bathroom, or use the escalator or elevator instead of the stairs. We act as if moving is difficult or painful.

Instead, focus on the blessing that your Creator, gave you a body that moves and remember that whatever we don’t use, decays and deteriorates and we not have the good fortune to use later.

Each day find ways to add movement, simple activities like walking, using the downstairs bathroom, standing while talking on the phone, pedaling while watching TV, etc.

Set your intention to move more and appreciate your body more.


The 4-Steps to Creating YOUR Ideal Body – Part Two

Now that you have the first two steps to create YOUR ideal body, let’s give you the final two, so you can use them as a formula for your health and weight loss success!

Step Three: Plan

As we go through our days and live our lives, there are so many things that are unplanned for. Events, stressors and even chaos. This is part of life.

To keep eating in a healthy way, you must plan for events that are within your control and anticipate those that aren’t every day occurrences.

Start by thinking about the situations where you have difficulty in choosing the right foods. Perhaps buffets, or nights when you work late, or business travel, or office luncheons or holiday parties, etc. For each area create a plan – something easy and effortless you can do to change your old behavior.

One of my situations is restaurant eating and I do a lot of this. I find that the quantity of foods in a restaurant is way too much and not a regular portion, yet, if I did not plan, I would eat everything on my plate and then have dessert. Not such a great way to create or maintain my ideal body.

I came up with a plan for this situation. First, I start with a salad so I am less hungry. Then, I divide the food on my dinner plate in half and take half home for another meal. Finally, I do get dessert, which I share or take half with me. For me, this really works.

Think about your problem areas and develop a strategy for each. All it takes is a plan – NOT a diet, to live.

Step Four: Focus More on YOU and Less on Food

It is easy to think about food day and night. We see commercials on TV, then we drive by fast food restaurants, and our co-workers ask if we want this or that food, and we can call in for food and see billboards of food… even the internet advertises food. These things cause us to be thinking about food a lot.

Now, add deprivation to this, if you are dieting. You desire food even more, you crave it, you really want it… then you see all these food messages… what a contrasting way to live.

Instead of focusing on food, when there is so much other joy and pleasure in life, eat what you like: just think first. Then, make time to think and do the other things life is about. Make time for you and your friends, and family and hobbies. Engage in extraordinary self-care rituals.

Food is fuel… it is energy… life is experiences and people and feeeeeeeeeelings. Go enjoy life!

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