My 7-Step Customer Acquisition Roadmap

My 7-Step Customer Acquisition Roadmap


In the vast ocean of competition, you possess the power to shine and soar to incredible heights through the art and science of customer acquisition. Mastering customer acquisition not only attracts but cultivates a loyal tribe, propelling your enterprise toward unparalleled growth and prosperity.

In this eye-opening episode, Dr. Terri Levine unravels the secrets to unlocking your customer acquisition revolution. She presents a powerful seven-step roadmap to transform your business into a customer magnet. Get ready to revolutionize your customer acquisition journey and build a tribe that passionately advocates for your brand.

Key Highlights From The Episode: 

[00:34] Intro

[01:36] Potent strategies to activate your customer acquisition revolution 

[01:56] Step #1 Uncover your core value

[02:43] Step #2 Create a magnetic brand story

[03:26] Step #3 Harness the power of social proof

[04:04] Step #4 Delight them with stellar support

[04:34] Step #5 Harness the power of influencers 

[05:19] Step #6 Create an irresistible offer

[05:54] Step #7 Leverage the power of referral programs 

[06:42] Recap of the episode

Golden Nuggets:

  • To attract a devoted tribe of people, you have to understand your company’s core values and the unique solutions that it provides. [02:01]
  • Your brand story should paint a vivid picture of how your company and your services and products are catalysts to transformation. [02:55]
  • “Excellent customer service is the bedrock of any flourishing business.” ~ Dr. Terri Levine [04:08]
  • Influencers possess the ability to amplify your brand message. [04:40]
  • You can transform your customers’ experience into one that turns them into enthusiastic brand advocates by launching a robust referral program. [05:59]

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Full Transcript:

Hi there, I’m Dr. Terri Levine, Welcome to Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. And today, I am not going to only talk to you as a coach or consultant, I’m going to talk to you as anyone who owns a business, who wants to unleash a customer acquisition revolution, so to speak. So, as an owner, particularly, as a visionary owner, to a company that has products and services that are transformative, the way that you can unlock your unparalleled success, and literally, monetize an eager group of clients or customers to your digital doorstep is following what I’m going to teach you right now.

In the vast ocean of competition, you possess the power to shine like a radiant star, and the power to soar to absolutely incredible heights. So today, in this episode of Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants, I’m going to share some potent strategies that will activate your customer acquisition revolution. And I want you and I encourage you to embrace the ideas I’m going to give you in the next couple of minutes, and watch as your empire, so to speak, arrives beyond your imagination.

So, the first step is to uncover your core values. To attract a devoted tribe of people to you, you have to understand your company’s core values. What unique solutions does your company provide, or your products, or services, your courses or your coaching, or your consulting, whatever you do? What pain points does it alleviate? And then embrace the true essence of your creation and let that ignite your passion. Your unwavering belief in your products, services, company’s transformative capabilities will resonate with customers, clients, drawing them, it’s almost like drawing moths to a flame.

So, the second step in the process is to create a magnetic brand story. You need to have an emotional connection with your prospects, and then with your clients, or customers. So, you want to craft a magnetic brand story that goes beyond the mundane features and statistics, and paint a really vivid picture of how your company, and your services, and products are a catalyst of transformation. Share success stories, and testimonials, and evoke hope, excitement, and inspiration. And your brand story should deeply resonate with your target audience. They should feel a part of this wonderful grand adventure.

And then you want to harness the power of social proof. Today, we’re in a digital era and social proof is an unstoppable force. You want to nurture a community of loyal customers and clients who can act as brand ambassadors for you. Encourage them to share their success stories and their experiences on social media platforms, and then embrace the ripple effect as satisfied clients and customers draw others into your orbit. It’s like, I don’t know, a powerful gravitational pool. And then, when you’ve got your customers and your clients, the next step is to delight them with stellar support.

Excellent customer service is the bedrock of any flourishing business. So, treat your customers or client family members, whatever you call them, like cherished friends, addressing their concerns promptly and effectively. And the raving reviews for your exceptional service will echo far and wide, and they’ll resonate with potential customers or clients that will come seeking you. The next step when you’re in this process is to harness the power of influencers. Influencers possess the ability to amplify your brand, to take your brand message way beyond measure.

So, you want to begin to identify some thought leaders and some industry influencers who align with your values and your vision, collaborate with them. That’s a great way to showcase the magic of your brand and get you in front of their followership. So, as they endorse your products or services, your customer base, your client base will have a lot of growth with speed and fervor. I also recommend that you create an irresistible offer. Scarcity and urgency are very, very potent motivators even today.

To design exclusive time-limited offers that entice customers, clients to get into action quickly, very swiftly. You want to tap into their innate desire not to miss out on an extraordinary opportunity. And what’s the result? It’s typically a surge of new signups, new customers, people eager to seize the golden chance before it vanishes. And the last step is to leverage the power of referral programs. You can transform the experience of your customers, of your clients, so they become enthusiastic brand advocates for you by launching a robust referral program.

So, you want to incentivize them to spread the word about your company, and then reward the referrer and also reward the prospect that they’ve sent to you creating a perpetual cycle of organic growth that literally can snowball exponentially. So, you’re a visionary, and the path to your unparalleled success is now illuminated right before you, embrace these transformative ideas. Embark on your customer acquisition revolution. Unleash your passion, craft a compelling brand story and then shower your customers with unparalleled support.

Embrace the power of social proof, of influencers, and infuse your offers with irresistible allure, and then harness the power and the magic of referral programs. I want you to believe in the success of your business because you do possess the alchemy to captivate the masses and to inspire a legion of devoted clients or customers. So, now that you’ve heard this, I want you to take action. I want you to embrace these strategies. The world eagerly awaits the brilliance that only you can bring. Go forth, conquer the hearts of customers who will forever cherish the transformative power of what you’re offering them.

Take these to heart. Share the podcast subscribe, and we love your reviews. Thanks again for joining us here today at Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. I’m Dr. Terri Levine, and I’ll see you next time.

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