Drive More Traffic To Your Landing Page Without Spending $ On Ads

Drive More Traffic To Your Landing Page Without Spending $ On Ads


Imagine having your landing page effortlessly appear in front of people actively searching for what you offer without spending on ads.

In this captivating episode, Dr. Terri Levine reveals three strategies to drive more traffic to your landing page. Discover the power of keyword research using tools like Ubersuggest and the art of strategic naming.

Moreover, Terri discusses the art of building invaluable backlinks. As you acquire good quality backlinks, your page organically climbs the search rankings, placing you directly in front of individuals actively seeking the content you provide.

Tune in and discover the secrets to skyrocketing your landing page traffic without spending on ads!

Key Highlights From The Episode:

[0:30] Episode introduction

[0:43] How does a coach or a consultant drive a lot of traffic to a landing page?

[0:54] #1 By doing keyword research using Ubersuggest

[1:22] #2 Naming the landing page according to visitors’ Google search keywords

[1:32] #3 Getting good quality backlinks

[2:30] Episode wrap

Golden Nuggets:

  • When doing keyword research, look for popular phrases with reasonable search volume. [1:06]
  • Give your landing page a name that matches what people are already Googling. [1:22] 
  • When you get good quality backlinks to your landing page, google organically starts putting your page in front of people already looking for the content you have on your landing page. [1:32]

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Full Transcript:

Hey there, it’s Dr. Terri Levine from Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. The other day I was on a podcast and they were asking me “How does a coach or consultant get a lot of traffic to a landing page?” And I feel like this is an important topic to cover very briefly. So, I want you to take a little bit of time doing some keyword research using… The tool that I absolutely love is Ubersuggest. What you’re going to do with that tool is one of the things our agency does, is we find popular phrases that have some reasonable search volume.

Now, we know what that search volume is, and I’m just going to give you a few clues here today to help you. A secret tactic that we use here at the agency is to give your landing page a name that actually matches what it is people are already googling. They’re already researching it. So, when you get some good quality backlinks to that page, then Google will organically start to put your page in front of people that are already looking for the content that you have on your landing pages. Every single month, most of our landing pages have a minimum of 500 new people come to our landing pages. And the way they get there is totally free.

We don’t do ads, it’s just by third-party search engines because we use backlinks, and we title our pages in the secret way that I just shared with you. So, even though I might not be blogging or tweeting every single landing page, even over the holiday weekend, we just had Thanksgiving here in the US, I checked today and our landing page still, in a couple of days with no activity, our whole office was off, we had about 800 people come to our landing page. If you want some help, let’s have a call, let’s see what you’re up to. We’ll tell you whether or not we can help you, and we’ll give you some tips like these.

Make sure you subscribe. Please hit the subscribe button, and your five-star reviews mean the world to us. Thanks for joining us here today at Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. I’ll see you next time. Bye now.

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