How To Create Effective Ads For Podcasts And Radio

How To Create Effective Ads For Podcasts And Radio


Podcasts and radio can be cost-effective ways to market your brand, as they provide you with a captive audience. To get the most out of your advertising efforts, it’s crucial to make sure your ads are effective. The design of the ad plays a significant role in its effectiveness, and it’s more beneficial to present a case study rather than just highlighting the greatness of your business or services. 

To create an effective ad, it’s essential to understand your target audience. Gather information on where they listen, what podcasts or radio shows they are interested in, and the topics that appeal to them. 

In this episode, Dr. Terri Levine provides guidelines on how to create effective ads for podcasts and radio. Tune in and learn more!

Key Highlights From The Episode:

[0:30] Introduction to the episode

[0:55] Can radio and podcast advertising work as a marketing strategy?

[1:02] Guidelines on how to create effective ads for podcasts and radio 

[2:07] #1 Design the ad: As covered in the book The Conversion Equation

[2:15] #2 Find the radio stations or podcasts that will get you the best results, those that

     have your target audience as listeners

[2:58] #3 Negotiate a lower price than you are quoted

Golden Nuggets:

  • “Ads are most effective when they are more in the form of a case study than you touting how great your businesses or services are.” ~ Terri Levine [1:17]
  • The radio stations or podcasts that will get you the best advertising results are those that have your target audience as listeners [2:15]

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Full Transcript:

Hello, welcome back to The Modern Coaching Method Podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Terri Levine. I’m doing this particular podcast real short, real sweet, for you to go ahead and implement, and it’s about radio and podcast advertising because a lot of my client family members have been asking me about it, as well as, people in the Heartrepeneurs with Terry Levine Facebook group. So, my answer is, yes, it can work as a marketing strategy as long as you follow some guidelines. So, I thought I’d come here today to give you a few of my guidelines. First is how you design the ad, and that is covered in the book ‘The Conversion Equation.’ Just get that book, and then, I don’t have to spend time teaching you that. 

Just remember that these ads are effective, most effective, when they are more in the form of a case study than you touting how great your businesses or services are. So, the best ones that I have used, and I have used them, are a series of testimonials short, and sweet, from different client family members. And what the testimonials do is they have people live vicariously through people similar to them, and their outcomes, and their results. And also, it really creates credibility versus me going, “Look at me, I’m great,” Radio stations, by the way, typically will even design the ad for free, which is really kind of awesome. And I’ve been using radio ads well over 40 years, I still use them today.

And I do them on podcasts as well. Not all radio stations, or radio station ads, or podcast or podcast ads are created equal, so you want to find the ones that will get you the best results and that is those that literally have your target audience as listeners. So, the best podcasts are ones where there’s obviously talking and interviewing, and that people want the information that you have to share. And for radio, the best is Talk Radio, 100%, so you want to take a look at that. And if your audience, let’s say, they like a particular kind of music; adult contemporary, pop, rock, alternative, whatever it might be, you might want to advertise on that podcast or radio station, or even on Spotify. 

And the last thing I want to say about this is, typically, you can negotiate a lower price than you are quoted. And if you run the ad more than once, two, or three times, etc., you can get it for less. I ran an ad on a podcast for six months, and I think we spent $5,000 on the ad, and we made a little over 55,000, That’s well worth it. I hope this helps make sure that you have checked out the Six Figs In Six Months Accelerator. I’ll see you over there. subscribe to the podcast. Bye for now.

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