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Entrepreneur Vs. Small Business Owner

Are You An Entrepreneur Or Are You A Small Business Owner?

You might not even know the answer to this question and you might think being an entrepreneur and small business owner are the same thing.  What is your answer?

I often ask this question to my new clients and find many of them say they are entrepreneurs.  I tell them you are an entrepreneur if you have started your business and it is a new idea or product or service and not an existing business.  I also advise them that they want to shift from being an entrepreneur to being a business owner.

Why? Business owners don’t just have the vision, they also know their target market and what their target audiences biggest problems are and they have the results they are seeking built into their products or services.

Many times entrepreneurs have great vision and are poor on execution and strategy. They aren’t able to be in business long term because they don’t focus on actions and are busy creating one venture after the next.  Business owners focus on tasks and goals and objectives and getting things done.  They make certain their employees or contractors are also focused on the goals at hand.

Entrepreneurs are more visionary and think of things in the future and are creating new ideas constantly and running after shiny objects.  They aren’t making day to day decisions and are instead focused on the future.

I’m not putting down being an entrepreneur since I certainly am one… I just know that you must also become a small business owner who is entrepreneurial in order to have long-term success in business.

I am curious how you see yourself right now?

If you were one of my clients I would offer you this advice:

  1. Be a business owner who gets professional help.
  2. Be a business owner who learns the fundamentals required to successfully market your business and attract as many new clients as your business can handle.
  3. Be a business owner who knows how to use your marketing to generate immediate cash flow.
  4. Be an entrepreneur with your ideas and vision.
  5. Be an entrepreneur with your calculated risk taking.
  6. Be an entrepreneur with your sense of fun and joy in building your business.

I believe when you blend these combinations you will be one of the most successful business owners who still has a great entrepreneurial spirit that is fed through your small business.

What are your thoughts in response to this? Comment and let me know.



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