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2nd June 20160

Engage Customers and Evolve Your Brand

Many business owners I speak with are doing what I call mass marketing. This means they are promoting their services or products to a lot of audiences in the hopes of getting their services and products in front of as many people as possible. This form of marketing wastes a lot of money and energy and time. I encourage all business owners, and certainly those who are Heartrepreneurs, to use engagement marketing instead. 

Today customer service marketing is where it is at. Instead of traditional marketing where you get your messages to the masses, marketing engagement is what counts. No more transactional marketing.  In the 21st century, businesses must focus their marketing to be experiential so that their potential customers and current customers actually participate in their marketing. To be effective in the evolution of your brand you want marketing engagement from your audience and, therefore, need a marketing engagement strategy. Consumer engagement marketing is how you will get your brand noticed these days. A good market engagement strategy can create major brand recognition and brand goodwill.


Ready, Set … Engage Marketing!

You need to create a marketing engagement strategy and have an engagement marketing platform that supports your strategy. Your strategy for marketing engagement needs to be inclusive of on and off-line marketing and should cover everything from your product and service, quality, point of purchase sale, all your written collateral as well as your website, social media and other internet marketing. Tactics will include advertising, email marketing engagement, social media engagement, customer loyalty programs and more.  The engagement marketing definition calls for you to interact on and off-line with your prospects and customers in ways that will increase your brand exposure as well as brand loyalty.   Instead of marketing to the masses engage your exact target audience through many platforms.

Two companies that specialize in engagement marketing are Engage Marketing Group ( and they specialize in websites that create engagement and Envisiage Engagement Marketing ( and they specialize in prospect and customer engagement across all platforms.

Now it’s your turn to evolve your brand with engagement marketing. What actions are you going to take?  Post below and share your ideas.


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