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BlogThe Foundation Of Marketing Your Small Business

16th October 20170

5 M’s

Do you know what is most important in your marketing?  What is at the foundation, the very core of all marketing? In this article, I will share what must be happening with your marketing to get more qualified prospects, have those prospects turn into paying clients and to stop spinning your wheels with marketing that doesn’t work.  Aaron Fletcher referred to them as the 5 M’s of marketing and this is easy to remember so I will use the same “m” words.

  1. Mindset: I always start my clients with coaching that actually teaches my clients to have the right mindset as a small business owner. Your mindset has to do with focus, energy, inner beliefs, self-talk and holding the vision and mission.
  2. Marketing: You must know who you are able to get a result and outcome for and very specifically who your exact avatar is. If you don’t know your exact target market you will waste time and money and even your energy going after people who are not interested in the result your services or products provide.
  3. Message: Most businesses don’t have a Core Unique Positioning Statement that truly sets them apart to be entirely different from their competition. Their website, their flyers, their business cards, and all other collateral are similar to others in their industry so the reason to select them is not clear. The lack of unique messaging makes your business seem like a “me, too” business and that is why you are lacking clients.
  4. Media: What does your target audience read? What do they watch? What do they listen to? What websites do they visit? What social media sites do they participate in? You can end up spending a great deal of money with a scattered approach trying to reach qualified prospects or you can be very specific and target them where they actually are.
  5. Metrics: I am often shocked that small business owners don’t know how many people have visited their website each month, what the cost is to bring in one client, what their prospect to sale ration is, etc. How do you measure what is working without metrics? You can’t and you don’t.  Metrics stop you from guessing and make sure you get a result from your marketing dollars.

Now that you know these 5 M’s, what will shift in your business?

Russ Ruffino talks about these shifts in his clients on demand program, Bill Barren talks about these in his big shift program.  Russ Ruffino, Clients On Demand program and Bill Barren Big Shift program both address these and I do it differently for my clients.

I begin all clients with a marketing transformation of their mindset.  It is a total and complete shift. Then I provide them with my done-for-you proved marketing templates that are ready for them to deploy that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build, next I create their Core Unique Positioning with them that is also called their Million Dollar Message, and I give them media exposure through my radio show, TV show, magazine, blog, and social media so they can get in front of their qualified prospects leveraging my audiences, and together we monitor their success by key performance indicators as our metrics.

Are you ready to seriously have your marketing make you money? Find out more.

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