Generate Prospects with Content Marketing

Generate Prospects with Content Marketing


 Digital marketing content is the backbone of your online presence and the key to attracting and capturing your target audience’s attention. However, not all digital products are powerful tools to attract prospects and drive conversions.

In today’s episode, Dr. Terri Levine reveals the secret to attracting more prospects through digital products such as templates, e-books, and blog posts. Templates are among the top downloaded digital products.

When you create templates that transform the lifestyle of your target audience, you make them eager to engage with the valuable resources you provide

Key Highlights From The Episode:

[0:42] Today’s focus; Digital marketing content 

[1:01] 3 Most downloaded digital products that will help you get more prospects

[1:13] #1 Templates

[1:49] #2 E-books 

[2:01] #3 Blog posts 

[2:07] Digital content with low download rates

[2:21] Creating a template that will transform viewer’s lifestyle

Golden Nuggets:

  • People download templates 66% more than any other digital product. [1:24] 
  • Create a simple and downloadable template that transforms the viewer’s lifestyle. [2:11]

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Full Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. I’m Dr. Terri Levine here with some very quick tips for you from Heartrepreneur Agency. I want to talk to you about your digital marketing content. Now, that is everything from email, to blogs, to podcasts, to your website, to webinars, to your social media, to your social media profiles, to your funnels, to your landing pages, SEO, all of that. Today, I want to tell you the number one thing that will drive a lot of people to you if you’re looking for more prospects that you can really help, and whose lives you can transform.

People love, love, love to download templates. that, in fact, is the number one, and I do mean hands down number one, number one, best type of download. People love templates. We find here at the agency that people download templates about 66% more than anything else that you can possibly put out there. Simply put, you put the template on the landing page, it could be a checklist to a simple template, and people can download that instantaneously by giving you their name and email. It’s that simple. Registration takes two seconds and they get an instantaneous download.

Now, ebooks, we also find, have a pretty good download rate, about 33%. Again, we’re talking about templates being number one, ebooks being number two. The third could be a featured blog post. And I’ll tell you what is surprisingly low, it might shock you, expert interviews. All those summits, guest podcasts where you’re interviewing other people. So, those are the top downloads. I want you to create a few templates easy, effortlessly, joyful, and fun. Make a simple checklist, a simple template that someone can download that will help them transform their life, their business, their health, their relationships, whatever it is that you do.

Send that out by email and tell people, “Hey, I’ve got this template. It’s totally free, download here.” Post it all over social media, “I’ve got this template, you can download it here.” You will find, just like one of our recent client family members found, that, all of the sudden, they had hundreds, and I do mean hundreds of prospects overnight. Let me know how that works for you. Hey, subscribe, make sure that you have joined and subscribed to the podcast. And then, share the podcast, spread some love, and also make sure that you give us one of those five star ratings, we appreciate that more than anything. I’ll be back next time every single week.

I’m here with you, for you, giving you a tip on your digital marketing so you can impact more people, influence more people, transform more lives, and ultimately, have more income. I’ll see you next time. Bye now.

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