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Goal Setting and Plans as a Heart-repreneur® 3 Tips

I always achieve better results when I set goals, create plans, and outline what I want to achieve for the next year. What I realize now, is that the achievement of the goal isn’t the thing that has brought me success. It’s being heart-fully connected with my goal setting and planning that brought success. The execution of that plan has been secondary to my succeeding, which may not make sense to you. So, let me explain.

The reason goal-setting and planning are so important is that it helps us reflect inwardly. Most of the day our attention and focus are outside of ourselves. We are watching the world and maneuvering through it based on our awareness being outside instead of inward or inside. When we are goal setting something magical happens and we get quiet inside. It’s a reflective process that allows us to actually get in touch with what it is that we actually want. This kicks on our attractor fields and helps us magnetize our goals.

When we reflect inwardly we only have two places we can go. We can go to our brain or our heart. Goal setting is much more powerful when it comes from your heart and not your mind. Meaning, when your mind sets a goal it could be logical, it could be well thought out, it could make sense, and it probably won’t happen because knowledge isn’t what triggers action.

When a goal comes from our heart we have dropped deeply inward and become really self-reflective on what it is that we actually want out of our lives. For me, I know that I don’t want to rush this process because sometimes I think that I’m in my heart when I’m actually in my brain telling myself I really want a particular, goal when I Don’t. There’s a difference between wanting something to happen deeply and forcing yourself to make something happen.

To keep myself clear I asked 3 questions and they are:

Why do I want this goal? When I understand the “why” I have tapped into my heart because you’re mind doesn’t know the real “why” your heart knows the real why. The mind can only help you articulate why you want it, but the heart is always the keeper of the “why” you want something. The why is always about achieving a good feeling. When I identify what “good feeling” I want to experience by achieving a goal I can ignite the momentum of it.

When do I want to achieve it by? This is important for me to ask because I make short-term and long-term goals every year. When I know the “when” I can celebrate the milestone of achieving it. More importantly though, knowing when you want to achieve it by helps you not sabotage yourself. Not because you’re focused on achieving a goal, but because you’ve given your monkey mind something to focus on and play with that occupies its neurotic want to constantly think.

Your monkey mind is just an aspect of your mind so if it’s going to play or be there, you might as well give it something to focus on and that can be there when you want to achieve something by, time frame. Give your monkey mind something to focus on and it will leave you alone while your creativity begins to work on how to achieve it.

Does this challenge my comfort zone? Goals that challenge your comfort zone to expand your abilities. Both your skill-set and divine-set grow. Your divine-set is your ability to remain connected to the divine throughout the year. Goals that truly stretch us help us connect with our divinity. It helps us be more reflective and inwardly focused. From this place, we ask for help and begin to include the divine aspects of ourselves and this brings in Providence and support.

For me, this is why goal setting is such an important aspect of being a Heart-repreneur®. This is so important to understand because when you’re learning to do business as a Heart-repreneur® it means you’re involving and training the growth of your heart as well as your business. It means that an aspect of your heart is involved in every transaction or piece of business that you do. It’s a value and an acumen inside you that you live by. Goal setting isn’t just something you do or some tool that you use to help you build your business. It’s also the development of your Heartrepreneurship and this needs to be incorporated into your goals as it grows more success.

Vickie Helm is a founding partner at She’s a business development strategist and the bestselling author of Ultimate Freedom, Unlock the Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity.



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