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BlogGuerrilla Marketing – Do I Need A Gorilla To Do Marketing?

9th June 20152

How to Use Guerrilla Marketing to Create A Flood of Clients For Your Dental Practice

GorillaNo you don’t need a Gorilla to have success in marketing! What you do need is Guerrilla Marketing!  You may have heard this term and even if you haven’t you need to know what it is.  This is low and no cost marketing that reaches your dental prospects in an engaging and unexpected way. The entire concept of Guerrilla marketing is using creativity to connect with prospects.

You can easily find great prospects for your dental practice when you understand:

1. Who your prospective patients are that will benefit from your services the most

2. What services you want your prospective patients to purchase and how you want them to engage with you (schedule an appointment, go to website, etc)

3. Where is the best place to reach them (Facebook, email, direct mail, TV, etc)

4. When is the best time to reach them (day time, Saturdays, evenings, etc)

5. Why they would be interested in your services (your Core Unique Positioning Statement that makes you different from all the other dentists in your area)

6. How  you stand out from all the other dentists in the area

Guerrilla’s Are Different

camouflage face paintGuerrilla marketers are free-thinkers.  The goal we have is to reach potential patients.  Instead of using traditional marketing  to get noticed by potential patients we use creativity.  Our goal is to capture the attention of prospects in an unexpected memorable way that is exciting and eventful.

Think outside the box of unconventional media platforms.   How can you create an experience for your target audience to reach them in an unparalleled way?

With this type of marketing you get to be creative and use your imagination to promote your services.  You don’t need to rely on expensive marketing tactics like advertising and traditional media to get the attention of your target audience.  You can stand out by using creativity combined with Guerrilla tactics to zero in on the specific potential patients you are targeting. You can do campaigns right where they live, work, and play, at times where they’ll be most receptive to your message.

This is what makes a Guerrilla more effective.  Your message is going right to your ideal prospects instead of going to large general groups and hoping your target audience happens to see or hear your message.  The precision of reaching your potential patients directly is far more cost effective.  You get to have mass exposure on a local budget.

Get Up And Cheer!

cheering stadium

The impact of being a Guerrilla marketer is cause for dentists to get up and cheer. You now have a low cost way to market that creates reach as well as impact.  You can get your message in front of interested potential patients and connect with them in a very personal and immediate way.  Instead of waiting for them to come to you, you are able to bring your message right to them.

You now get to decide if you want to use your own creativity and imagination to implement a guerrilla campaign or to hire a Master Guerrilla Marketing Certified Trainer and Coach who has experience planning and implementing successful Guerrilla campaigns. Either way, don’t wait.  Today Guerrilla campaigns are a must for every dental practice to connect with potential prospects.




  • Matt Press

    22nd October 2015 at 10:11 am

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful article!

    The marketing system of the home gets unnoticed until there is a problem to it. You should know that finding a reliable electrician at it’s time to move on to a new concept of Guerrilla marketing. Despite marketing being a part of their strategy, their struggle is often justified due to lack of cash. This can be tackled with the help of creativity.


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