Welcome to Heartrepreneur radio and I have a special guest.  Her name is Kristie Kennedy.  She is a licensed image enhancement consultant. A certified Women’s Wellness expert.  She provides confidence and clarity coaching to female leaders, executives and business owners who are being the world’s best kept secret and are ready to claim center stage of the leading lady of their own life and powerfully shift in their mind and magnificently shine.  I am excited about this interview because I know many of these women and I have akristie kennedy feeling some of you are listening.  Let’s pay attention to some of the brilliance she can bring us today.  Thanks for joining us.

Kristie:  Thank you for having me.

Terri:  I am always curious.  What is your background and experience?  What did you do to get here?

Kristie:  I was the fearful one.  The timid one who never raised my hand, so I understand the internal fears and how you can become a prisoner in your own home and in your mindset.  It wasn’t until my later years that I realized I no longer wanted to be in prison.  No longer wanted to blend in a crowd in a room.  I wanted to be the centerpiece.  I dedicated the rest of my life to helping other people who are like me.  Shy and on the inside and need a little push to get it out of them.

Terri:  wow.  What is it that makes you so passionate about your business?  I can hear the passion.  I was looking at your sheet and what popped out was amazing.  So much passion.  I see it in your photo.  What is the passion that is driving you?

Kristie:  When I came from an environment where I was labeled as not being the smartest one in the room, people had no idea that I was multi-talented.  I didn’t even know it.  I know the power that resides on the inside of us when we take time to discover it for ourselves.  We are our own heroes.  We are looking for someone to say pick me or choose me on your team even though I may be the ugly duckling or whatever it may be.  I am for the underdog.  I know what resides on the inside of someone who may be overlooked or casted aside because the y don’t verbalize.  I am an introvert but a powerful speaker.  Most people don’t think that we don’t have things to say.  We have mounds of things to say.  We take time to feel people’s heart and their pain.  We have the empathy for others.  That is where it comes from.

Terri:  People sometimes laugh when I tell the audience this.  I have been speaking on stage since age 5.  Some audiences as big as 5000 in a room.  I say to people, I am an introvert.  They will laugh.  I really am.  My preferred way of being is quiet and myself.  Put me on a stage, and I have a lot to say.  I am resonating with this.  I do have a question, I always hear as a business coach, I hear life issues as well as business.  I always hear the reasons people can’t do things.  Can you speak to the women in particular who step up and get stopped and their momentum gets stuck.

Kristie:  Just recently a lady in boxed me about being stressed out about wanting to run and hide in her life.  It’s so easy because women wear so many hats.  It’s not secret.  You have to be strong and for the woman who feels like she is stuck, it’s just a mindset.  I tell people, in your mind, especially if nothing massive has occurred by being passive, you have to recognize that if you are going to be great, it’s going to be a fight.  Fight for what you believe in.  Fight for your dreams.  On the inside, there are limitless possibilities.

Terri:  I am going to repeat a couple things.  Write this down.  Nothing massive occurs by being passive.  One of the key quotes that I have heard here.  I love this:  Focus on something other than the problem.  I think that is a big part of the problem of keeping people stuck.  They are just focused on the problem.  It keeps running in their head.  What are some of the mental obstacles, what are some of the things that people are saying to themselves?  They can hear how they do that?

Kristie:  I am not good enough.  I don’t have enough.  My mentor told me when I first started, never allow money to dictate what you do.  Or listen to things said in your head like, I don’t know certain people. I can’t even get in the door.  I hear those things all of the time.  I had to decide what I wanted in my head.  I would say to myself, I want to be on that platform and I wasn’t going to stop until I got there.  When I have something on my mind, I become fixated on it until it comes to fruition.

Terri:  Power of persistence.  You have some of the best language.  If there is a message that you want people to leave Heartrepreneur radio with today and breathe it in and get it, what is the message?

Kristie:  You can live large and in charge.  Create the life that you desire and that you love.  By design and not by default.  The life you live right now, you can create by design and not by default.

Terri:  You remind me of someone.  I am writing down your quotes.  I don’t do that often.  Les Brown and you are very alike.  You are a female Les Brown!

Kristie:  I love him and just ordered his book yesterday.

Terri:  I am going to call him and tell him I have met his female counterpart.  You are amazing and I know the audience is going to want to get in touch with you.  What are the best ways to do this?


Terri:  Who is the right person?  If someone is listening and thinking I got value from this, but am I the right person Kristi can help?

Kristie:  The ordinary one with big dreams ready to do extraordinary things.  Ready to work with me.

Terri:  I hear your passion and feel your passion.  I can tell that you are doing the work you do.  I call a person like that a heartrepreneur.  They work from their heart.  I am glad to know you I am speaking to all of the women in the audience.  You are going to want to connect with her.  Thank you Kristi.  I have a page of quotes.  I don’t think I have ever sat and written quotes in twenty years.  I have a list of your quotes that I know that will empower me.

Kristie:  Thank you for the work you do.  Thanks for having me.