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Heart-repreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 11 | The Power Of Persistence with Kristie Kennedy

December 27, 2016


Have you ever felt like a wallflower instead of the centerpiece? Image enhancement consultant Kristie Kennedy was a timid young girl who would sit in the back of the classroom and never raised her hand. Her internal fears imprisoned her in her own mindset and obscurity, until she decided she no longer wanted to be a prisoner or blended in a crowded room. She now dedicates her life getting out the power of persistence and helping other women who were like her, the shy one who has so much on the inside of them but need a little push to get it out of them. Kristie says women we wear so many hats, but the thing is, you have to be mentally strong and recognize that if you’re going to be great, it’s going to require a fight. Fight for what you believe in because on the inside of you, there are limitless possibilities.

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The Power Of Persistence with Kristie Kennedy

I have a special guest with me and her name isKristie Kennedy. She is a licensed image enhancement consultant and a certified women’s worth and wellness expert. She provides confidence and clarity coaching to female leaders, executives, and business owners who are exhausted from being the world’s best-kept secret and who are ready to claim center stage as the leading lady of their own life and powerfully shift in mind and magnificently shine. Let’s pay attention to some of the brilliance that she can bring us. Kristie, thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you for having me, Terri. It’s an absolute pleasure.

I’m always curious, what was your background and experience and how did you get tobe doing what you’re doing?

I was the fearful one. I was a timid young girl. I was the one that would sit in the back of the classroom. I never raised my hand, so I understand the internal fears and how you can become a prisoner in your own home, your mindset. It wasn’t until my later years when I realized I no longer wanted to be a prison. I no longer want to be in that place. I no longer wanted to be an obscurity. I no longer want to be blended in a crowded room, the wallflower instead of the centerpiece. I dedicate the rest of my life of helping other women who were like me, the shy one, and who has so much on the inside of them but need a little push to get it out of them.

What is it that makes you so passionate about your business? I hear the passion and it was so interesting. I was looking at your one-sheet and when it popped up in front of me, I was like, “There is so much passion and I see it in your photo. It comes through.” What’s the passion that’s driving you?

I came from an environment where I was labeled in education, not being the smartest one in the room, all those different things. People had no idea that I was multi-talented. I didn’t even know at the time, and I know the power that resides on the inside of us when we take time to discover it for ourselves. I believe in us being our own heroes. So often we’re asking internally, we may not verbalize it, but we’re looking for somebody, ͞”Pick me. Choose me on your team even though I may be the ugly duckling” or whatever it may be. I am all things for the underdog, because I know what resides on the inside of someone who may be overlooked. The one that’s cast aside because they don’t verbalize it. I’m very much an introvert, but I am very much so a powerful speaker. Most people, they don’t think that introverts have anything to say, but we have mounds to say. We’re the ones that observe, we take time to feel people’s heart in their pain. We’re the ones that have empathy for others. That’s where it comes from.

Power Of Persistence: When you have something in your mind, you get fixated on it until it comes to pass.


People are always shocked and sometimes they laugh when I tell an audience this because I speak sometimes to audiences as big as 5,000 in a room and I’ll say to people, “I’m an introvert.” People will laugh and they’ll think it’s funny. I was like, “No, I am. My preferred way of being is to be silent and quiet and by myself.” Put me on a stage and I have a lot to say so I’m resonating with this. I do have a question for you because I don’t always hear as a business consultant and business coach, I hear life issues as well as business, and I always hear the reasons people can’t do things. “This happened” or “You don’t know my situation” or “I have this obstacle or this challenge.” Can you speak to the women in particular who step up and get stopped and their momentum gets stuck?

A young lady inboxed me, she was saying she was stressed out about everything in her life. She was ready to run and hide for a little while as she put it. It’s so easy because women, we wear so many hats.
It’s no secret. The thing is, you have to be mentally strong. For the woman that feels like she’s stuck, it is just in the mind. You’re just one idea away from moving forward. Nothing massive ever occurred by being passive. We have to recognize that if you’re going to be great, it’s going to require a fight. This is not the time to fade; it’s the time to fight for your dreams. Fight for what you believe in because on the inside of you, there are limitless possibilities, if you just search for the possibilities rather than focusing on the problem.

I’m going to repeat a couple things that I think are so important and I want people to write this down. Take a note of it, or at least if you don’t have a pen, breathe this in. Nothing massive occurs by being passive. That’s one of the key quotes that I heard here. I love that this focuses on something other than the problem. A big part of what keeps people stuck, in my experience, is they’re focused on that problem. “I have a problem, a challenge, an obstacle over and over and over again.” What are some of the things that people are saying to themselves that are stopping themselves so they can start to hear how they do that?

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“I’m not good enough. I don’t have enough.” I remember my mentor told me, “Never allow money to dictate what you can and cannot do.” I never was stopped by money. Some people, they hide in their mindset. They say, ͞I don’t have a certain thing or I’m not attached to a certain type of people. I don’t know a certain person to get me in the door. I’ll give you the example of the Huffington Post. It’s a good platform to be on. It took me twelve months to knock on that door. It wasn’t because I knew someone who knew someone. It was because I was persistent. I want to be on that platform and I wasn’t going to stop until I was there. Arianna left there, and she started Thrive Global, so I’ve been writing for both now. The power of persistence, when you have something in your mind, you get fixated on it until it comes to path.

You have some of the best language. If there’s a message that you want people to leave Heartrepreneur Radio with and you want them to breathe it in and get this message, what’s the message?

You can live large and in charge. Create the life you design, that you love, by design and not by default. The life you live, you could create by design and not default.

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I’m going to tell you who you remind me of because I’m writing down your quotes as fast as I can andI’ve only ever done that with one other person. That’s someone that I love and respect and consider one of my friends, and that is Les Brown. You’re a female Les Brown, yes you are. I’m going to call Les up and say, ͞”I have met your female counterpart and her name is Kristie Kennedy.” You’re amazing, you’re awesome. I know that the audience is going to want to get in touch you and going to want to reach out to you. What are the best ways for them todo this, Kristie?

My main hub is

Who is the right person? If someone’s in the audience and they’re saying, ͞”I got a lot of value from this, but am I the right person that Kristie can help,” who’s the ideal person that you would love to be able to help and assist?

The ordinary one with big dreams, ready to do extraordinary things.

One of the big takeaways is I hear your passion. I feel your passion and I can tell that you were doing the work you do and I call a person like that a Heartrepreneur. They’re working from their heart. They’re doing what’s in their heart and what’s their life work and life mission. I want to honor you and tell you I’m glad to now know you. I am speaking to all of the females in the audience, this is a woman that I want you to connect with. In the couple of decades that I’ve been doing my radio show, I’d never sat and taken a page of quotes, but I have my Kristie Kennedy quotes that I feel are going to empower me even further. Thank you so much for being a guest here. Go have an extraordinary day everyone.

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