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August 9, 2018

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For a business to be successful, it should be aligned to your soul purpose. Success coach, speaker and mentor Rachel Nelson works with clients around the world helping them succeed by combining spirit and strategy for accelerated aligned success. She relates how she was trying to create her own business listening to other experts that were saying you have to pick a profitable market niche and build your business around that. She realized over time that that was futile because of her soul was not engaged in it, which meant that it was hard work. It did not feel good and it was constantly a struggle. She later on read somewhere that if you’re able to connect with what really lights you up, what you’re truly passionate about, you will consistently do the work you need to do to make it successful and you’ll enjoy the journey as a breath of fresh air.

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Building Up Accelerated Aligned Success with Rachel Nelson

I have with me Rachel Nelson and she is a success coach, speaker, mentor, and trainer. She works with clients around the world. She helps them uncover and align with their soul purpose, then design and grow a business that lights them up and capitalizes on their unique super powers. She also was the creator of the Source 4 Shift tools for mindset transformation, for rapid healing, mindset reprogramming and accelerated success. That toolkit gives people the power to master their own emotions and mindset for true empowerment.

Rachel has over fourteen years of experience as a coach and entrepreneur. She says she’s part intuitive heart-centered and part strategist with business smarts and a little bit of sass. She loves helping her clients succeed by combining spirit and strategy for accelerated aligned success. She’s a Heartrepreneur, so welcome here, Rach, to Heartrepreneur Radio.

Glad to be here.

I invited you for a lot of different reasons. When I was checking you out and I found that you align people with their soul purpose, that’s the way to design a business. How did you come up with that? How did you realize that was a thing that you could provide for people and that people need it?

It happened through my own experience over the years. In the beginning, I was creating my own business. I was listening to other experts that were saying to pick a market niche, one that’s profitable and then build your business around that. I tried to and then realized over time that that was futile because my soul was not engaged in it. It meant that it was hard work. It did not feel good. I can’t even remember what I read or where I read it.

Someone had said, “Connect with what lights you up, what you’re truly passionate about. You will consistently do the work you need to do to make it successful. You’ll enjoy the journey.” That’s what I started doing for myself. Over time as I’ve done more spiritual work for myself, I started to understand how the soul speaks through your intuition. It’s guiding you all the time down the road that is going to be so fulfilling, so engaging, passionate, fun, and adventurous. It’s a no-brainer to me that you absolutely need to be creating from the inside out.

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The synchronicity is interesting as I was doing a Facebook Live, it was all about starting from the inside, starting with mindset, and starting with soul purpose. Tell us about Source 4 Shift. What is that?

In 2014, we lost my ex-husband to suicide. That was a very difficult time. At the time, I had a different business and I literally let it all go and spent nearly the next twelve months with my daughter just moving through the grief and working out what I needed to do. When that happened, my soul was no longer connected to the business that I was doing. I had to go purely intuitively at that point because I had no idea what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go.

I did say to myself that his death was not going to be something we’d ever forget. It was going to treat us something great, somehow. Part of the reason why he left this world is because he was struggling so massively with depression and not feeling good because he was in a relationship that took all of the care away. He didn’t have the tools or the strength to be able to change his mind, to change how he felt, to begin to despair what to make of that relationship.

Nearly two years after that, I got the inspired idea to take the best pieces of all different mentalities that I’ve learned, and I’ve learned a lot of them, and all the pieces that worked. I found a way to put them together. It became a very simple toolset that one, completely uncover what beliefs are in the psychologists that are getting in the way. I hear it so many times, “I know in my mind it’s a problem, but I don’t know what specifically.” That tool uncovers specifically what beliefs are getting in the way.

Then I got another tool, but then goes in and communicates with the psychologist so that you can tell if something is still there or gone. It makes it really easy to know. A tool to do the healing, to clear the belief at the subconscious level which means right down on the body-mind, not just in the head. Another one to power program. It’s ten times stronger than affirmation. It’s very effective because it takes a belief from a conceptual idea, one that’s not believed. It does it in about ten seconds.

There are so many times where I’m working with people and they’re building their business and the actions aren’t happening. It’s because there are beliefs that are in the way that hold them up. We do need to free them up. I love that it does not only free them up, but you’re healing the subconscious mind and putting a new program in there. What is amazing and shocking to me is ten seconds.

I was a guinea pig when it all started. I set my own goal. I got the inspired action to teach the first training. Only two weeks after, I pulled a list together. My brain was going, “No, you can’t possibly do that.” I used my own tools to clear that stuff. My goal was to get ten people into a training. Where in my pattern before that was to only ever get maybe half of what I intended. It was out of my comfort zone, which is what entrepreneurs all do. I’m going to keep moving through this, and within two weeks I had 40 people from multiple countries booked into that training.

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Accelerated Aligned Success: When we’re programming in beliefs, you’re empowering beliefs, instead of going, “I’m good enough.”

I am sitting here celebrating you because you do the work yourself. You walk the talk and you use the process. There are a lot of folks out there that have never even used their own process. When you work with someone, I can hear the intuitive, I can hear the heart-centered. Clearly, you’re able to help business owners as a strategist. Tell me about the part that made me chuckle because I resonate with it. Tell me about your sass.

A lot of my clients love me because I’m very direct. I tell them exactly where to stop and what’s going on. When we’re programming in beliefs, you’re empowering beliefs, instead of going, “I’m good enough,” as I believe because it’s not strong enough. You want something that is way beyond that to program in. I like to get a little bit sassy because it made things more fun. It also engages the emotional system, which adds more power and potency to the belief that you’re programming. I teach people how to ping-pong their beliefs so that it does sink in and create good feeling for them.

Many years ago when I first started coaching and consulting, I had a client who sent me a testimonial. It said, “You’re the tender loving coach that has a steel toed boot.” That’s exactly what it is. We’re laughing, we’re having a good time, but at the same time, we’re going to be here in honesty and transparency because we want to help you. Let’s have fun. How can people connect with you and find out more?

I got my website, I’ve got a great MP3 to attract floods of ideal clients and raving fans. It is less than 30 minutes long, but it does the programming for you. It should make it nice and easy.

What a generous gift on your site. Thank you for being here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you for having me.

For the audience, make sure you go over and grab that MP3. We do have a gift for you if you haven’t gotten it and make sure that you get it. It’s for our listeners. It’s at That is a brand-new transformational webinar. Thanks for tuning in at Heartrepreneur Radio.

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About Rachel Nelson

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Rach is the Success Alchemist in the team; an Intuitive Transformational Coach, Success Catalyst, a Healer, Mentor, Mindset and Emotion Master, Teacher and the creator of the Source4Shift ® Technique… Among other things!

Clearly she’s not just a regular coach! Coaching and helping clients master their mindset and emotional crap since 2004, her work creates deep and rapid transformational shifts (and sometimes physical healing) getting past emotional and mindset blocks and sabotaging patterns is her thing, using her Source4Shift Technique and her “kickass power tools” which are a mixture of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming ), Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming, Hypnosis, Emotional Clearing techniques, Theta Healing and various energy healing techniques involving a connection with Consciousness (Universe, God, Source, Spirit, The Divine, The Collective – pick a name), Results Coaching methodologies, Shadow Work and forgiveness work, all used with her developed intuitive skills and good old common sense based on decades of personal and professional experience dissolving issues/blocks/patterns in her own life as well as those of her amazing clients.

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